Vetements is a group of extremely creative designers led by the charismatic Demna Gvasalia. The brand was launched in 2009 and has been dynamically operating on the market since then. Androgenic, sharp lines and shapes as well as playing around with color and print make the French brand extremely popular. Its designers fight the dominance of big names in the fashion world and are reluctant to reveal their identity. They are passionate about 90s street style, blurring the boundaries between fashion for women and men.

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Oversize t-shirt od Vetements Oversize t-shirt od Vetements


Oversize T-shirt

Oversize sweatshirt od Vetements Oversize sweatshirt od Vetements


Oversize sweatshirt

Fringed turtleneck sweater od Vetements Fringed turtleneck sweater od Vetements


Fringed turtleneck sweater

Ankle boots with metal appliques od Vetements Ankle boots with metal appliques od Vetements PERMANENT COLLECTION


Ankle boots with metal appliques

‘karate anarchy’ sock sneakers od Vetements ‘karate anarchy’ sock sneakers od Vetements


‘Karate Anarchy’ sock sneakers

Printed hoodie od Vetements Printed hoodie od Vetements


Printed hoodie

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Pumps with sock od Vetements Pumps with sock od Vetements


Pumps with sock

Embellished boots with sock od Vetements Embellished boots with sock od Vetements


Embellished boots with sock

Floral motif dress with pleats od Vetements Floral motif dress with pleats od Vetements


Floral motif dress with pleats

Embroidered sweatshirt od Vetements Embroidered sweatshirt od Vetements


Embroidered sweatshirt

Hooded dress od Vetements Hooded dress od Vetements


Hooded dress

Heeled ankle boots od Vetements Heeled ankle boots od Vetements


Heeled ankle boots

When rebels enter the catwalk

Designed by Vetements trousers referring to sweatpants, oversize sweatshirts and dresses with disturbed proportions: these are the trademarks of the brand which hit the French red carpets.

How was the first Vetements sweatshirt created?

The idea was born in the minds of a group of designers. Growing tired of the fashion from the front pages of the newspapers, they decided to create clothes on their own terms. The fruit of their actions are pants and other items of clothing (such as Vetements socks and the Vetements raincoat), accessories and shoes that break all high fashion trends. Having fun with unisex, intentional inconsistency of the concept and youthful impudence is the quintessence of this French brand's style. Vetements jeans are also a perfect example of the brand’s subversion of traditional design clothes.

Discretion - first and foremost

The first Vetements shows were shrouded in mystery. The designers - creators of the successful brand, often cooperated with big fashion houses and wanted to distance themselves from the publicity. The fact of not revealing the names of designers is also an element of their philosophy. The brand name derived from French means clothes. The Vetements hoodie is designed to focus the recipient's attention on the item of clothing, not on the name placed on the label.

Gvasalia - a loud name in the fashion world

The Georgia-born founder of Vetements learned the basics of design at the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts. Just before his debut, he collaborated with such hegemons as Louis Vuitton or Maison Martin Margiela. The design of the Vetements hoodie, however, gave Gvasali independence. The designer was not able to stay incognito for too long. The sweatshirts, asymmetrical dresses and oversize T-shirts offered by brand gained a large group of supporters, and the Georgian designer has become the biggest discovery of recent years. The designer's achievements were appreciated so much that a few years ago he became the creative director of the Balenciaga brand.

Vetements dress – a piece of clothing or a symbol of rebellion?

Only at a Vetements show you will see cavernous jackets, romantic dresses, a crucible of colors - yellow, fuchsia and lush green with tightly fitting boots from the last century. For Vetements, a dress is not just a piece of fabric. It is a way to express oneself and rebel against the limiting canons of fashion.

Vetements hoodie: Urban style at its best

Oversize, extravagant, asymmetrical. According to the brand, the men's and women's hoodie is supposed to have disturbed proportions and refer to the street fashion of the 90s. The immense passion coming from a group of Vetements fashion enthusiasts has truly penetrated the contemporary trends prevailing on the street. Simple, androgenic clothes with a feisty hauteur. The fashion house’s ideas are not easy to guess, but one thing is certain - Vetements will never cease to surprise you.