Men's Boots / wellingtons

Although high shoes and men’s wellington boots have been around for a long time in the fashion world, they continue to make a sensation not only on the runway, but also in everyday life.

Men’s walking boots: you can tell a true gentleman by his shoes

What looks best with a pair of John Varvatos or Balenciaga boots? How do you perfectly match footwear to the rest of your outfit?

Class and elegance: it’s not just about the suit

When choosing an outfit, mens wellies and boots are very often underestimated. Elegance alone is not enough to look good. A touch of class is important to have, and this is a much more complex issue.

Some people may think that wearing a high-quality suit is enough to make yourself look classy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our entire wardrobe is what makes us look classy as well as the ability to mix and match certain pieces of clothing to create an overall trendy look.

Material is the foundation of a good appearance

The basic determinant when choosing men’s walking boots and men’s wellington boots should be material. Material plays the largest role due to its properties. The most popular is grain leather, which works well both in winter and in summer, because it is resistant to dirt. Grain leather shoes are smooth, which emphasizes elegance. In addition, this type of leather is very resistant to all types of damage, which guarantees us long-term use of footwear. Mens snow boots, just like exactly womens snow boots need to be waterproof and comfortable enough for you to perform in all conditions.

Elegant men's shoes are the best match for suits. And the most popular material among this type is leather. This material has its own different variations. In our Vitkac store you will find the highest quality products that are sewn with 100% leather.

The sole of a high boot – detail with meaning

Another important issue when choosing elegant mens walking boots or mens wellington boots is the sole. A high arch does not suit jackets and suits. That's why it's worth choosing subtle arches which will emphasize elegance and match the style of the outfit.

With a less formal style, it's worth experimenting with high arches. They can spice up the elegant casual look. In addition, the selection of shoes with a more rugged material will blend in perfectly with chino pants and a jacket.

Fashionable men's walking boots, do they go hand in hand with comfort?

Very rarely a low price would go hand in hand with high comfort. The largest designers use the highest quality material for shoes. However, what makes a shoe to be very comfortable is its exterior.

Men's leather shoes have many irreplaceable properties that help the user achieve high comfort. One of them is the possibility of letting the shoe breathe. Leather lets the air and heat pass through the shoe allowing for maximum comfort.

The more expensive, the cheaper it is

The choice of ankle high men’s walking boots should be carefully thought out and their low price or appearance should not be the deciding factors when making a purchase. Before buying a pair, it’s worth doing some research on the types of materials that are used to make the boot – if it’s synthetic and if it won’t get deformed quickly. The highest-quality men’s walking boots and men’s wellies are available in our online Vitkac store. 

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