Women's Boots/weelingtons

Women’s ankle boots that we are happy to refer to today, struggled to gain appreciation of women living in the 19th and in early 20th century. The ever shorter dresses revealed unattractive space between the top edge of shoes and bottom edge of the dress. However, ankle boots gained on popularity among men, replacing the tall uppers squeezed underneath the trousers leg. The potential of ankle boots have not been perceived for long as a creative space, as the boots were supposed to serve a protective purpose only.

Women’s boots – in the name of style, for health’s sake

 The family of footwear worn outside of the typical summer season is impressively vast. As soon as we say goodbyes to sunny days, we eagerly start the search for heeled boots, ankle boots, flat boots, cowboy boots and heeled ankle boots. While wellingtons for women are our all-year-round anti-rain friends. How not love them?

 Women’s boots – many options

 Worn with jeans, chino pants, skirts, dresses, opaque tights, leather jackets and coats - many of us have already at end of the summer like to plan the autumn-winter styles with a bit more built-up shoes in the lead role. The abundance of materials, shapes, textures and colors can extend colorful holiday time and help fight monotony on gray and cold days. Although a closet needs to include the timeless black and the practical beige, after the purchase of a universal base, it’s worth going for a more fancy fashion. In our online store Vitkac.com you will find top quality elegant women's boots from the collection of the best fashion houses. From stylish classics to the latest trends.

 The story of heeled ankle boots

 André Perugia’s works and meeting of shoemaking with surrealism changed the perception of women's ankle boots, focused, among others, in the kingdom of Elsa Schiaparelli – the Parisian boutique of the designer, eagerly visited by representatives of the upper classes. Far quirky models such as such as boots covered with long, monkey fur. Later rejection of  this type of shoes resulted from their construction - highlighting not so slender calves. Return of ankle boots for woman in the eighties was accompanied by fashionable rolled up trouser legs. The design and appearance of the ladies boots was modified - high heels were added in order to break the effect of shortening the legs and the rear part of shoes was lifted, at the expense of the upper part. A vast group of shoes, which we now call the ankle boots, is a combination of various heights, both of heel and upper, patterns and finishing lines on toes, etc. The green light was granted to all innovation yet of course the classic version is always appreciated. Heeled ankle boots accompany all lengths of skirts and dresses, from mini to maxi, through the most demanding midi.

 Mobility and independence in fashionable women’s wellingtons

 Wellington boots for women, worn to protect the feet against soaking on rainy days, co-create the image of liberated women. Years ago, when putting rubber boots on shoes (wellingtons were then just pads for shoes, and even before that they consisted of wooden soles with strips) would have be received as suspicious, so when the weather worsened women remained in their homes. Socio-cultural changes between the wars helped change the status of women. Wellington boots, often worn not only during rain, expressed independence and freedom of women.

 At high speed

 Season, in which we use warm and comfortable ladies’ boots, is a very long one - often extends from early autumn until late spring, especially when the weather does not spoil us with a long summer and a short snowless winter. It is worth preparing sets that will help you survive this unpleasant period. The comfort of feet and shoes can be provided by stocking up on a few pairs that are diverse in terms of, among others, thickness of the insulation layer. Since we need to leave the house almost every day, we need a clean dry pair in case our other boots are still wet. This way, we will prolong the life of boots of and the health and hygiene of the feet. Women’s chic heeled boots can be complemented by beautiful ladies' coats and practical jeans by internationally recognized brands from our online store Vitkac.com

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