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In vitkac.com online store you will find fashionable sweaters for women for every occasion and for every woman - for minimalist looking sweaters, cardigans and eccentric or gift items, patterns and applications.

Sweaters for women – from men’s closet to the canon of female fashion

When Coco Chanel decided to revolutionize her wardrobe, borrowing more and more elements from male outfits, she probably did not realize that it would give rise to new times, which would change women's fashion. One of the elements that rebellious Frenchwoman introduced to a woman's wardrobe, was masculine sweater. Over time, this garment became the base of every woman’s closet, and over the next decades, it has strengthened its position as the most useful part of the women's attire.

The golden era of cardigans

Initially, women's sweaters designed by Chanel took on the form of popular cardigans. Women in the 1920s and 1930s wore them with skirts or dresses and quickly grew to love them for their convenience and the ability to move freely. Remembering the times of tight corsets and dresses sewn with heavy materials, women warmly welcomed the new fashion to adapt individual elements of the male wardrobe. Sweaters have become even more popular during the Second World War, when almost overnight clothes by fashion designers disappeared, and the studios were shut down. Women left alone, without distractions of the interwar era began to take care of their wardrobes themselves. They sewed or knitted sweaters from the hard-earned materials and yarn and over the years of practice, the sweaters resembled those made by French fashion designers.

Women’s sweaters in big fashion

After the war, women's sweaters and cardigan sweaters for women have become an everyday element of a woman's outfit. Women wore them with skirts, trousers and on dresses. Their styles differed depending on the use, and models such as Twiggy popularized the fashion for sweaters. Previously considered a regular item of clothing, sweaters and cardigans started to be an important part of women's fashion and more and more designers paid attention to present them in their latest collections. Women's sweaters have become very popular in the 1980s, and almost all had extra pads on their shoulders, in order to get the most fashionable silhouette of the decade. At that time, Gianni Versace led in designing elegant women's sweaters and cardigans for women, for clients that loved bold colors and gold accessories.

Vintage returns – cardigan sweaters for women

Today, fashion for sweaters has returned to the catwalks and to the streets. In recent collections of Gucci fashion house, we can see a very visible inspiration of vintage style, where cardigan and sweater for women was an essential element of the outfit. Decorated with floral patterns and prints, colorful and unique - these are the sweaters from Gucci, which made contemporary women fall in love again with this comfortable garment. Paired with a skirt or women’s trousers they create a fashionable and distinctive style. A broad overview of various styles, cuts and colors can be found in many other designers’ collections, such as Victoria Beckham, Sonia Rykiel and Isabel Marant. Each of them wears sweaters every day and designs them for other women, because they knows that a comfortable sweater made of high quality materials such as cashmere and mohair, will become their favorite part of the clothing. In our online store you can also find fashionable ladies’ sweaters for every occasion and for every woman - for a minimalist looking for a classic sweater or cardigan and for an eccentric admiring the original styles, designs and applications.

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