Women's Moccasins

Join a higher level of sophistication with the moccasins for women from VITKAC. Find a stylish pair of shoes from such prominent brands as Salvatore Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta or Michael Kors. Refresh your look, beggining from moccasins.
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Choose your perfect moccasins

Oxford-style footwear has been used on world catwalks for many years. Women’s moccasin shoes have been interpreted in many ways by designers.

Why should I buy exactly moccasins?

Fashion knows no limits. The only measure of your decision should be your taste and comfort. There are a lot of possibilities. Among the most popular, the women's heeled moccasins, soft sole, chamois and leather ladies moccasin shoes can be mentioned. In the wardrobe of an elegant women also black patent leather shoes should have their place.

Women’s moccasin slippers – classics or a crazy accessory?

Salvatore Ferragamo, Italian in Hollywood has nearly 100 years ago revolutionized manufacturing of footwear in the dreams factory. Beloved by Marylin Monroe, he remained for years a symbol of classics with revolutionary drive. Despite the designer's death, the brand remains on the top. Ferragamo empire produces today also women's moccasins. Known and appreciated for years footwear with its characteristic buckle and embossed logo can be considered as iconic item. Chamois moccasins for ladies have classic colours. Also black patent leather shoes can be found among the brand's items.

Fans of more courageous style should choose rather the first lady of world catwalks' rebellion – Vivienne Westwood. The British designer proposes fashionable women's moccasins made of.... Vinyl! Those red and yellow ladies moccasin slippers decorated with a scull and cross-bones will dominate every set.

Successful outfit with moccasins for women

Heeled moccasins for women have often more thick sole. This is why they are way to heavy to combine them with a light dress. However, they are perfect for ľ length pants; both jeans and elegant models will create with these shoes an unforgettable outfit.

Unlike heeled, flat sole women’s moccasin slippers made of chamois allow for more. They can be worn to shorts and ethereal tunics as well as skirts and polo neck sweaters in autumn. The women's chamois moccasins, unfortunately, are not suitable for rain, so check the weather before you leave home!

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