Women's Underwear/socks

They say that well-chosen womens lingerie will feel like second skin. Regardless whether you prefer lace or cotton, always go for the best quality. Otherwise, you risk discomfort, which will not be made up for by even the most expensive and the most stylish clothes and accessories.

Women’s lingerie: Comfortable or sexy?

Origins of underwear date back to antiquity. The long underskirts and strips of material used by women to wrap their busts. It is hard to believe that lingerie covering private parts did not appear until hundreds of years later.

At this point, we should mention the chastity belt, which served as a kind of underwear for a long time yet its role was only to prevent woman’s betrayal.

Interestingly, the story of women and panties started with Italian courtesans, who wore a so called calzoni (in other parts of the world called pantaloons) a kind of pants with legs. Soon, however, they were forbidden out of fear they’d encourage debauchery. In 16th century pantaloons returned and over the years their shape and length were modified. For many years they were only made in a nudecolor and as late as at the beginning of the 20th century, colorful lingerie was introduced.  

Contemporary ladies’ lingerie

Nowadays, stationary and online stores offer literally every model of bras, panties, petticoats- anything one can think of. Also, sets of underwear are very popular. Modern underwear is a veritable abundance of styles, patterns and colors.

Choose the right type for you

Invariably, classic briefs are the most popular model of underwear, covering intimate parts of body. For many years, women have been also fond of thongs and boxer shorts. The semi-padded bras are dominated by models with a push-up, as well as by balconette bra. And full-figured women are more into soft bras.

Body-shaping lingerie

Many years ago, in order to meet their customers’ needs, producers of lingerie came up with the body-shaping lingerie that makes it possible for women to cover the shortcomings of their figure. This kind of underwear is perfectly suited for tight-fitting clothes and can optically slim the silhouette, even one size down.

Good quality is the basis

Although we cover underwear with clothes, it is worth choosing the right size and the right quality. Otherwise, we will have to face undesired discomfort. High quality exclusive lingerie, from her beloved one will certainly please many ladies.

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More than panties and bras

Nightwear, now available in a variety of styles and shapes, also plays an important role in our everyday life.  

And although many women prefer comfort and opt for cotton nightgowns or pajamas, lace or satin sexy nightgowns are equally popular.

One must not forget that this category also includes socks for women as well as any kind of knee-high socks and tights.

As in the case of bras and panties, stores offer dozens of models of tights. Although classic models with a plain texture are still the most popular ones, ladies are increasingly more willing to try printed tights.

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