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Women's over-the-knee boots - still fashionable?

Fashion is constantly evolving, drawing from art, nature and referring to the style of years ago. New trends, once considered bold, often become mainstream, while others go out of fashion. This is especially true of the footwear that accompanies us every day and in every situation.

The boots we love so much today have come a long way in their acceptance by women and have not always been appreciated for their versatility and form. The first boots have been popular since the 1930s, when they were introduced by the designer Elsa Schiaparelli. In her studio, unobvious and eccentric models were created, such as boots covered with long monkey fur. However, this was a luxury good, which could be afforded only by people from the upper classes. Later, over-the-knee boots were embraced by rock stars and, by the end of the 1990s, also by models. Today, they are widely available to everyone, which, on the one hand, pleases, but on the other hand makes it increasingly difficult to choose the right pair among thousands of models and brands.

Types of women's over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are very versatile footwear, mainly because of the variety of colors, materials, textures and heel heights. This all makes them suitable for any occasion and even any season. From chic black to more casual brown, boots go with everything. Heeled boots help elongate the leg and give women confidence and sex appeal.

Today's over-the-knee boots are a choice not only for winter, although insulated inserts are an addition to most models. People who bet on classics most appreciate boots made of natural leather and patent leather, which are famous for their incredible durability and timeless elegance. Such shoes are usually characterized by well-profiled high upper and smooth texture. Depending on the combination, suede shoes can also be an elegant piece of clothing. An excellent example of this are suede boots, which, depending on the combination, can be a tasteful element of clothing. Among models suitable for casual outfits, all lace-up and lace-up back boots have been leading the way in recent years.

How to find the right pair of women's over-the-knee boots?

It is said that "the right shoe can change your life", however, finding it is not always easy. The boots you choose must first and foremost match your personal style. They must also fit the occasion and provide you with the right level of comfort.

Think about what you will wear them with. If you're going to wear them with a dress or skirt, go for feminine boots with a stiletto heel, platforms or boots. Do you prefer a more casual style and want to wear your boots with jeans? Go for flat boots, such as bowler boots. Long, lace-up suede boots work well here.

The color of the boots is equally important. The most popular are black, brown and beige boots, which fit almost every outfit and are always a safe choice. To break the routine, go for bolder colors and opt for gray, white, cream, maroon or even pink boots! If you feel it's too bold a change, try going for a subdued color with touches of something bolder for starters. Remember, the devil is in the details!

Finally, with over-the-knee boots, it's important to have a good fit on the upper. This element needs to be fitted especially in tall and long boots, which are quite a distinct element of your closet. If you have shapely calves, a wide upper and a subtle stiletto heel will be a good option.

What are the best brands of women's over-the-knee boots?

The right pair of over-the-knee boots can instantly transform an entire outfit. Certain models and forms are timeless, and it's worth investing in the best brand that will not only make you feel good, but comfortable as well. Currently, the most popular brands of women's over-the-knee boots include Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, Jimmy Choo and Stuart Weitzman. Check out the wide range at the Vitkac store.

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