Burberry is one of the most characteristic and recognisable English brands. Its history began in 1856 when Thomas Burberry had opened his first boutique in Basingstoke, Hampshire County. The brand quickly gained international popularity and became a respected fashion house selling exclusive clothing and accessories for women and men. Waterproof and breathable Burberry coats were worn on the big screen by such world stars as Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn and Meryl Streep.

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Burberry scarf - accessory that had conquered the world

There is no doubt that Burberry is a luxury brand and its secret lies in the universal character of every element of clothes. The classic trench coat, famous scarf and classic Burberry shirt look great not only on Hollywood stars, but also on every common citizen of the rainy London. Regardless of is the Burberry coat worn by the British queen or by a rock star, it always make people look elegant and special. The secret of this British brand probably lies not only in more than a hundred years of history and consistency of the brand, but also in the constant reinterpretation of women's and men's fashion classics. Burberry coat and scarf have been in fashion for decades, but each year we can still see the new versions of them, adapted to the needs of modern customers. It also proves that classicism never stops to be fashionable and useful and, as one can see, Burberry understands this pretty well. This British elegance can also be seen in designs of

Victoria Beckham's, who has clearly felt in love with Burberry's simple, classic and luxurious style.

Burberry wristwatches - elegant and classy

The famous check, which was initially used only as a lining for trench coats, in the 1960s became the most recognisable element of the Burberry brand. Since then, this pattern has always been present not only as the lining, but also on the above mentioned scarves and other accessories like Burberry bags or watches, that, thanks to this feature have become elegant, but not formal, perfect for everyday use, as well as for business outfits. Also Burberry wristwatches without the popular check are available, and regardless the pattern or its lack they still refer in a refined way to the women's and men's fashion classics.

Burberry bags - universal and practical designs

Another flag product of the brand are women Burberry bags, men backpacks and bags, which for the most part are also signed with a popular check or clearly refer to the brand's recognisable colour scheme. Women's Burberry bags combine universal character and practical cut with exquisite design, that not only perfectly matches to the classic trench, but also fits well with favourite jeans.

Burberry perfume - scent of the big city

The brand's image is complemented by men and women Burberry fragrances, which have become a synonym for British metropolis. Brand's perfumes are fresh and energetic and at the same time they perfectly fit into the brand's DNA, which is based on classic content and universal character. This what the fragrances from Burberry really are and that is why they are so popular - everyone receive them in their own way and gives them own original character.

The Burberry fashion house was originally established in the UK, but its universal character and natural elegance quickly exceeded the borders of the country and became the most recognisable brand qualities. Burberry presents a luxury, classic, modern, elegant and timeless style. How is it possible that one brand combines so many seemingly contradictory features? We encourage to get acquainted with the offer of our shop and to find out what are the secrets of the brand.