Men's Belts

Solidly made from good quality material - this is what makes the perfect belt for men. Thanks to this, men’s belts will not only last for years on end, but they will also be an ideal complement to the man's wardrobe.

Men's belts – what every gentleman should have in his wardrobe

A men's trousers belt is like a belt for... stockings!

For many years, men have been wearing belts not only because of their practical function, but also for aesthetic reasons. If we delve deep into history, we will find that the original prototypes of contemporary men’s belts had only one type of use.

Wanting to understand the history of belts for men, it is impossible not to delve into the history of trousers. Let's go back to the 12th century. It was then that men began to wear trousers, or two tubes of fabric that were not stitched together. As they had to be somehow connected, it was thought that they could be attached to a belt which in turn was placed under the upper part of the outfit. The belt in this form was the male equivalent of a garter belt, obviously worn by women.

Men's belts as a clothing decoration

When did people notice that this piece of clothing can be used not only in a practical manner, but also as part of the outfit, and using modern-day language: as part of a stylization? It was only at the beginning of the 19th century that men’s belts were perceived this way. It’s worth adding that they were also used for military purposes.

Men wearing belts like never before?

It turns out that wearing belts on the hips was not so obvious in the beginning. In the 19th century, gentlemen wore them around the waist. Only a few decades later men started wearing them on their hips.

Men’s belts: Avoid a faux pas

Currently, there is probably no man who doesn’t own at least one belt. Leather belts for men are very popular and even though it’s an inconspicuous addition, men’s belts can completely change the overall masculine look or also ... spoil it. So it’s worth getting to know a few key principles to avoid mishaps.

Firstly, what makes the perfect belt for men is its color and the elegant styling should harmonize with the color of the shoes (they may vary in shades). The texture is also important, if the footwear is leather, the belt should be of the same material.

You should also pay attention to its length – it’s important to avoid ends hanging loosely. When choosing a suit belt, you should also pay attention to the buckle. Here, it's worth being guided by minimalism - if it’s too richly decorated it will not only be in bad taste, but will also spoil the overall look.

Leather belts for men can be found, among others in the online store.

Men’s belts? Only from a reliable manufacturer

To be certain that the belt is solidly made, it is worth choosing one from a well-known and trusted manufacturer. Men’s designer belts are available on the online store, where we can also find Gucci trouser belts. In this store you will also find other interesting accessories for men, including wallets. There will also be something for those who love braces and suspenders.

Male extravagance

Although women's belts are generally more richly decorated, it’s still common to find a unique belt for men characterized by colorful or asymmetrical buckles. These types of trouser belts for men are offered by fashion houses such as Gucci, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Saint Laurent Paris, Dsquared2 and Diesel brands. Not only ladies, but also men can choose from among dozens of various models that can be incorporated into casual every-day styling.

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