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There were times when men wore only men’s ties and forgot that you can actually wear something else than a tie and yet remain stylish. However, the world offashion develops and yet it is not that rare that it goes back to its roots. Eventually, the bow tie for men became a huge hit. It is the real queen and a necessary element of every stylish man wardrobe.

It is time for bow ties again!

A comeback of fashion for bow ties

Bow ties are not at all a modern invention, as it might seem. Their history goes back to 17th century. It is said that the first ones to wear bow ties were Croatian merchants who inspired the French to introduce men`s bow ties into European salons.

At first, this element of menswear was of a bigger size than its contemporary version. Over the years, the size of bow ties started to shrink and at the end of 19th century it reached two forms: so called “bat” with low wings and straight finish line at both sides and, the much more popular “butterfly” with high wings and rounded ends. A bit later, a so called “diamond” with short ends on both sides was also popularized. The latter model is considered to be less formal and can be worn with more casual outfits.

Bow tie or fashionable tie? What was first?

Disputes over bow ties and elegant men’s ties (and which one was first) have been present for long. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine for certain, which one came first. It is certain however, that both accessories inspire one another and are worn by men interchangeably.

How to wear a bow tie?

Of course, bow ties for men are usually matched with chic tuxedos and men's suits. They add seriousness and emphasize the style and elegance. Usually, combined with white shirts. Movie stars are also very fond of bow ties i.e.: Roger Moore as James Bond.

However, lately men boldly wear bow ties with less formal outfits. It turns out that this accessory perfectly fits such casual elements of clothing as a vest or a sweater. One must keep in mind that a V-neck sweater with a deeper cut will go best with a bow tie. Only then the bow tie is exposed, and the whole look is attractive.


Although, the market offers a pre-tied bow ties on a band they are considered inelegant and just tacky. Bow ties that are tied by hand are most valued.

Tying bow ties, just like knotting men’s designer ties, is an art, which is not always easy. It requires skills and experience, but it is something that can be learned.

On the web you can find a number of photos and instructional videos to help you tie the perfect bow.  It is very important! Fashion experts can tell an elegant man by the quality of the knot! So practice in front of the mirror at least several times. Be careful not to "tire" the material or it will look disheveled and unsightly.

Where to find the bow ties for men?

Bow ties are now very popular, so it is easy to find them in stores and on the Internet. Remember to pay attention to the quality of the material and finishing ornaments. Thus, choose bow ties from trusted locations such as It offers a wide range of models, including knitted, printed, silk and classic bow ties. It is worth remembering to accessorize according to your personal preferences!

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