Men's Underwear/socks

Nowadays it is hard to imagine functioning without comfortable, airy and practical men's underwear. Men are paying more attention not only to outerwear, but also to what is under it.

Men’s underwear – basis of any closet

Underwear determines how we feel in the whole outfit and how to different clothes present themselves on our bodies, which is why choosing the right model and shape of men's underwear should be the first step to complete entire wardrobe.

Fashion for underwear

The history of men’s underwear dates back to ancient t prehistoric times, however it became popular and commonly used only a few centuries ago. Medieval times mark the beginnings of popularity of underwear, which previously was regarded as an unnecessary item of clothing. With each century, however, it gained more and more popularity as people gradually grew convinced of the new fashion. However, underwear has not always been worn under the outfit – like men's linen trousers, which were worn on the outside only gently covered by folds of vest or jacket. Underwear as we know it today began to be produced with the industrial revolution and the arrival of sewing machines to produce clothing from materials such as linen or cotton. Although, it still resembled underwear or one-piece jumpsuit than boxers and briefs that we know today the fact is that at the end of the 19th century, almost every any self-respecting citizen had several sets of decent underwear.

Men's underwear - less is more convenient

Between the wars, comfortable and practical shorts much like modern male boxers shorts became to gain popularity yet they didn’t always look good under trousers. Therefore, with every decade, the length and amount of material of this element of underwear declined until the end of the fifties they betook the form of first men's briefs. Because of the scarcity of material during the Second World War, underwear made of colored material became popular. Production used cotton in every color and overtime, the war fashion became a permanent part of underwear production.

Calvin Klein’s and the introduction of men’s designer underwear

When Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger appeared in the fashion world in the 1970s and 1980s, men's fashion began to undergo rapid change. Both designers quickly came to the conclusion that advertising men's underwear needs a very sensual message, which is bestobtained by presenting well-built men. The cult of sculpted male body and simple form fitting and body shaping briefs have become a hallmark of Calvin Klein and still, today are a proven way to make high sales and boost product popularity. The band with a visible logo CK became a classic among men's designer underwear and is recognized almost all over the world. Calvin Klein was followed by other well-known brands such as Gucci, Versace and Diesel, who quickly sensed the potential in the design of exclusive men's underwear. The catwalks present different styles and models, depending on the season trends – one year creating a demand for a broad and colorful designer boxers, and the next year, tight briefs and practical minimalist style.

More than briefs and boxer shorts

With good sales of boxers and briefs designers go for other underwear accessories. Contrary to appearances, men's socks are an equally important part of the production of the biggest fashion houses and international brands and are designed with a similar care as men’s t-shirts and shorts for men. That is why in our online store, next to many styles of men's briefs and boxers, there is a wide selection of men's socks with a variety of patterns and color combinations. It might seem that the underwear is just a small detail in the whole outfit, but the fact is that mismatched socks or underpants are able to get more attention than the highest quality tie.

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