Women's Trainers

Their potential goes beyond standard solutions. Sport shoes for women are fashionable because there are not only for everyday use, but also can be used for more formal occasions.

Not only for the track and tennis court – women’s sneakers

In English, apart from the common "sneakers", there are more than 50 other terms for athletic shoes. The same can surely not be said of some other languages, which have comparatively poor vocabularies when it comes to women’s running shoes.

Sports shoes - what made them so popular?

While the origins of other types of shoes dates back to ancient times, sports shoes came into being "only" at the beginning of the 18th century. However, although it was then that the first slip shoes of this type appeared, athletics shoes in general didn’t come about until the start of the 19th century and the Industrial Revolution.
The advent of new materials resulted in the introduction of innovative footwear with soles made of vulcanised rubber. Mass production soon began, so that shoes could be produced quickly and cheaply, and thus began to enjoy exceptional success among contemporary society. Even then they were described as "sneakers" (from the English “to sneak”), due to rubber soles that allow for extremely quiet movement, even stealth.

Sports shoes - not only accessories for lovers of high-performance physical activity

This type of footwear was at first usually only worn during training or on mountain trips. With their increasing popularity, more brands and companies producing sports shoes began to appear. Following marketing strategy, they decided to harness the potential of well-known athletes, and thus become a permanent fixture on basketball and tennis courts and football pitches.
It was only in the 1950s that athletic shoes really took off. Through iconic figures from the world of music and cinema, including film star James Dean and teen idols such as Bob Marley and Mick Jagger, sports shoes appeared in casual fashion. In the case of the lead singer of The Rolling Stones, one can even speak of a formal fashion, as the musician appeared in sports shoes on his own wedding. Following the example of such celebrities, young people loved sports shoes, which consequently became a permanent part of fashion.

Branded ladies’ trainers - the most famous haute couture collaborations with sport

There has, for several years, been a steadily growing trend of being in good shape, in which sport plays a large part. Regular physical activity is not only the domain of athletes and bodybuilders, but also of all ordinary men and women aware of their own condition. Sports fashion contributed significantly to a changing approach to sports clothing. At today’s gym one is not obliged to wear a simple cotton tracksuit, but may choose comfortable and stylish outfits in which each physical activity becomes a pleasure.
Noting the market demand in the late 20th century, major designers and sports went into cooperation. The Japanese genius Yohji Yamamoto, who partnered with sports brand Adidas, deserves special mention. Stella McCartney, who designs running shoes for women and a range of sports clothing, also opted for corporate cooperation. Even Chanel creates sneakers today, and Dior has launched high heels with rubber sports sole. It may have seemed unthinkable, but sport seems to have penetrated the world of high fashion.

What kind of styling works best with women’s running trainers?

It is worth remembering that the modern sports shoes are not just an accessory for casual styling. Women’s trainers go best with jeans rolled up to the ankles (showing off all the advantages of the shoes) or loose cotton shorts. Their potential, however, goes beyond just standard outfits. Ladies’ trainers are fashionable not only for everyday wear, but also on more formal occasions.
Depending on the design, running shoes for women can go superbly with dresses and skirts. Women's running shoes created by leading fashion designers are a real must have for even the biggest outings and formal galas. Platform shoes, made from the highest quality materials and with distinctive characteristic details, are now an excellent alternative to the classic heels. So, if you are interested in the latest trends and fashion is your passion, you probably already know what your wardrobe needs. The answer is branded sports shoes, the Vitkac.com store, and your best sense of style.

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