Balmain branded and exclusive Collections for Women.

Balmain is a French brand, that has debuted in 1945. Balmain women’s collections from the beggining were created for true fashionistas. The brand's founder is Pierre Balmain, a clothes and costume designer who has dressed Hollywood's famous stars such as Brigitte Bardot, Marlene Dietrich and Sophia Loren. Initially, Balmain's women's collections were mainly based on classic cuts and elegant fabrics with exceptional accessories. However, the brand lead by Christophe Decarnin has acquired a new quality, and the urban rock style of the Balmain's metamorphosis has gained approval. Currently, the creative director of the brand is Olivier Rousteing.

A new form of tradition? Balmain women!

Pierre Balmain has started his design activity under the Parisian sky full of passion for art. An unrealised architect was building his fashion empire with masterful precision. The first steps of Balmain fashion house in the world of high fashion are dated back to the 1940s. Exhausted by the war, Europe welcomed with a great enthusiasm designs of this talented costumer and designer.

Balmain dress... from an architect!

Balmain brand precursor had been connected with fashion in a special way for years. His mother and sister were the owners of a clothing boutique, while his father was selling fabrics. The designer spent several years learning the secrets of the architect's profession, but instead of designing buildings, the founder of the Balmain brand preferred to design dresses. Balmain was not afraid to go out on a limb. He worked as a freelancer with several designers, but soon afterwards he dropped out of education and focused on the development of the newly established brand. After completing his military service, he has begun working for Lucien Lelong and fifteen years later he presented his collection to the world.

From the very beginning Balmain was giving priority to women's collections. It is no surprise, therefore, that over the last 70 years of the brand's existence, the designers' outfits were dressed by the most powerful women in the world. What have in common Brigitte Bardot, Marlene Dietrich, Sophia Loren, the queen of Thailand, Scarlett Johansson or Naomi Watts? Each of these ladies dressed Balmain dress at least once. 

What the Balmain style dress looks like?

The first designs from the French were strongly linked to the classics. Pierre, a fan of simple cuts, looked for uncomplicated solutions, simultaneously using exclusive fabrics. Balmain women's designs were enriched with details. Necklace, bracelet or other small accessory was enough for him. The classic skirt underlining the narrow waist, Balmain jacket but also refined dresses have created a unique image of this appreciated brand. 

Balmain dress – XXI century haute couture

After Pierre's death, the fashion house felt into trouble. The new creative directors have been introducing only minor relishes into the brand classics, explaining that Balmain accustomed clients to a specific style. Christophe Decarnin was a person that has decided to add a pinch of spiciness to Balmain dress. After becoming a creative director in 2006, he convinced everyone that Balmain dress can be worn on the street, not only in the salons of noble society and that a bit of Rock and roll inspirations will not harm the brand. His convictions were also applied to Balmain women’s jeans, Balmain women’s tops or, for example to Balmain women’s t-shirts. The experiment was a success. Balmain style dresses have returned to their privileges and are becoming increasingly popular.

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