Maison Margiela

The founder of the Maison Margiela fashion house is a Belgian designer Martin Margiela, who avoids making his image public in the media. The Maison Martin Margiela since the late 1980s has been surprising fashion fans with its unique approach to fashion, deconstruction and rediscovering women’s and men’s silhouettes. Brand’s designs are based on unisex style, long forms, unique accessories and everything that does not fit into the generally accepted trends. Since 2014, the creative director of the brand is an eccentric British, John Galliano.

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Martin Maison Margiela - the heritage

Martin Margiela began his solo fashion career in 1989, surprising the audience with a new definition of "luxury". He has introduced to Paris salons unfinished, grunge designs made of recycled materials. The collection was not received enthusiastically by everyone, although critics noticed a new quality. The subsequent collections are marked with numbers from 0-23. Each number is assigned to project with a particular style and idea. Initially, the brand was making

ready-to-wear and haute couture collections for women. In 1998, the famous men line no. 10 was introduced to the market and this was also when the geometry in women's clothes was rediscovered in Margiela fashion house.

Accessories - Maison Margiela shoes, jewellery and much more

Forms offered by designer are unusual and inspiring, e. g. the tabi - seemingly just common leather shoes - Japanese traditional flaps on a higher platform. But over the years Margiela shoes tabi have become iconic and have been reinterpreted and adapted to subsequent collections. Apart from shoes and handbags, Maison Margiela accessories include eccentric jewelry, homemade gadgets such as door-stoppers, pens and even books.

Margiela shoes - Maison Margiela by John Galliano

Martin Margiela quit his position in Maison Margiela fashion house in 2009, leaving his achievements in the hands of other artists. In 2014, John Galliano has become the head of the brand with only one commandment - creating collections in his own way. The brand is not very into colours - it is based mainly on black and white. The fashion house manifests its innovativeness in surprising constructions, e. g. in mentioned Maison Margiela shoes tabi or futuristic MM6 line.

Margiela offers clothes and accessories that will attract especially people with the big city sense of fashion, who like urban style with a touch of eccentricity and are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. You will find the latest brand suggestions on our online shop