Diesel is an Italian fashion brand that specializes in jeans and casual styles. The brand was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and quickly became popular thanks to its innovative designs and eccentric style. The brand's offer includes not only jeans, but also clothes, shoes and accessories. Diesel is known for its use of modern materials, colors and patterns, and its collections are often inspired by youth culture and music. The brand is available in stores around the world, and its products are popular among people looking for a comfortable, casual style with a touch of elegance.

Since the 1970s the Diesel philosophy has remained the same: a brand that supports passion, individuality and freedom of expression.

Renzo Rosso created the Diesel brand in 1978, choosing a name that was easy to understand and pronounced the same way around the world. At the time Diesel was also considered "alternative energy", so the word implied an alternative taste in fashion. In 1985 Renzo Rosso took sole control of the company and surrounded himself with an international team of talented designers.

Diesel released its first advertising campaign "For Successful Living" in 1991, immediately gaining recognition for its innovative marketing. The brand's first flagship shops in New York, Rome and London opened in 1996. It is now present in more than 80 countries, with more than 5,000 outlets worldwide and 400 shops of its brand.

Black gold

In 2007, Diesel signed a partnership with L'Oréal's luxury products division to launch a fragrance line that includes Fuel For Life and Only The Brave.

A new, sophisticated premium clothing collection, Diesel Black Gold, was unveiled in early 2008 during New York fashion week. In 2010, Greek designer Sophia Kokosalaki became responsible for it. Diesel Black Gold is Diesel's modern collection, between chic and rock, in a bold style aimed at a contemporary clientele. This collection draws inspiration from the company's audacity and its innovative techniques to achieve a new level of quality and sophistication.

In the same year, Bruno Collin, French publisher and founder of trend magazine WAD, took over as head of Diesel's creative team. Today, the product range includes an incredible variety of accessories to complement the clothing collections, including eyewear, watches, perfumes, prams and helmets.

Diesel for kids

When Renzo created Diesel Kids in 1984, he thought first and foremost of his own children. Instead of trying to dress children like little adults, Diesel pays homage to their wild imagination. It offers a whole palette of bright colours and a range of fashionable clothes that kids love to wear. Collections from babies (3 to 36 months) to children and teenagers (4 to 16 years) include complete ranges of accessories such as shoes, bags and belts.

Diesel for men:

Diesel for women:

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