It is very rare that we long for cold days impatiently or even with for a chilly enough day to come. Unless, our closet holds brand new coats for women and we simply cannot wait to wear them!

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Women’s coats – cold days in best style


 One for all

 Ladies’ coats- we need them. For warmth, for comfort, for protection from rain and wind and finally- for style. A coat, a single element covering the body. It is crucial for us. So much that we are able to spend a lot of time in the search for the right model- one that would meet both, our esthetic and practical requirements. A well thought-through purchase of a high quality women’s coat is a satisfaction lasting for many years and a treasure for present and future generations. At Vitkac.com you will find proposals by the world class fashion houses- women’s trench coats, ponchos, woolen and elegant women’s winter coats.

 There are no women’s coats without a trench coat  

Brilliant in its simplicity, full of effortless chic and elegance trench coat, from many generations has reigned on the list of must-have coats of every woman. The invention of Thomas Burberry- a British man, struggling with rheumatism-  was adapted by and used in the army, protecting soldiers against adverse weather conditions. Hence the presence of the inherent elements of a trench coat - straps on the wrists, distinctive collar and metal wholes in the belt. The cinema and world-famous celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich fell in love with it. The brand decline after the death of its founder was averted by a brilliant campaign of 1997 when Kate Moss became a symbol of the reborn trench coat.

 French stylist multiply examples of inspiring film costumes, where the trench played an important role, such as the "Mistress of love" or "Umbrellas of Cherbourg". The name trench coats for women that vary in lengths and materials, recommending the purchase of the first classic trench coat of gabardine, in the iconic beige or grey-beige color. The family of trench coats expands with the introduction to the collection of modified version of the classic - for example, a trench coat resembling princesse dress, for which the most attractive material is silk in red, black or navy blue. The secret to the great look in a trench coat is in the art of choosing the right length. The mid-thigh classic trench coat will be a good fit for all types of silhouettes. Tall women are recommended to choose a long trench and to avoid the short model and, in the case of shorter women this is exactly the other way round. Ladies with more curves will look best in a princesse dress style of a trench coat, as it will camouflage wider body parts. Ladies with a more curvy silhouettes should avoid short and long versions of a trench coat.

 Poncho – a stylish oversize

Any woman, who has worn a poncho at least once in her life, surely learned that it can make a great addition to an outfit. Designers put extra efforts to this type of casual and warm coats so that clients can feel equally stylish and chic. Ponchos, loosely wrapping the silhouette, hide any flaws, and paired with narrow women’s pants and boots for women with a higher heel they make the legs look more slender. With or without sleeves, thinner and soft or solid and jacket-like construction, ponchos will provide you with a break from typical jackets and outerwear.

 Love for woolen coats

 Fully justified. A woolen coat is the best ally and guardian of both, warmth and comfort as well as of timeless style. The model – according to preferences. The popular simple coats with more masculine character or a fitted, female model- the choice is ours. Similarly to women’s trench coats, it is worth keeping the right proportions and lengths according to out height and silhouette type. Elegant women’s winter coats are those that look good on us, regardless the trends.