Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is a brand known for its high-quality luxury products. Innovation and following the latest trends is at the heart of the brand. Its products are available in boutiques all over the world. Emporio Armani is the only line of the Armani Fashion house which is designed by its founder. Minimalist sports elements and casual cuts are visible in the brand’s collections and show Giorgio's consistency in creating luxurious, simple clothing and accessories.

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Emporio Armani - luxury in minimalism, minimalism in luxury

Born in Italy on July 11, 1934, Giorgio Armani already loved and understood fashion in his youth. However, he did not have any direct contact with fashion in his early days. The course of education which he undertook concerned areas that were very distant from it. He started medical studies after high school but did not end up graduating. He interrupted his education after two years of study to start photography. After returning from military service, he started working at the famous La Rinascente department store in Milan, arranging the decor of store windows and was quickly promoted. After the proposal of the Nino Cerruti brand, he changed jobs and worked as a male line designer in the new company.

The birth of a superpower

Supported by his partner, Sergio Galeotti, he founded a design studio in 1970. While realizing orders for other companies, he came to the conviction that he should create his own brand. In July 1974, he and his partner established a new brand that was named after his own name, Giorgio Armani. His brilliant success was influenced by the connections of the Hollywood designer. Seductive Richard Gere in the movie "American Gigolo" has clothes perfectly tailored by Emporio Armani. Costumes and creations prepared for film productions, series and for the needs of cinema stars made the brand famous and its products synonymous with highest quality, luxury and class.

Emporio Armani is created

The brand's success was conducive to its development. Armani created successive lines, including the slightly more financially available Emporio Armani and Armani Jeans founded in 1981. Created with the minimalism of the main Giorgio line, they conquer the world of fashion with simple, casual cuts and a timeless palette. A wide range of clothing and accessories from the line, such as an Emporio Armani t-shirt or Emporio Armani sunglasses, are available for you on the online store, Vitkac.com. Look out also for an Emporio Armani watches sale in the online store. In addition to the women's and men's clothing collection, there are also other accessories by EA. A perfect complement to the overall look is to choose a beautiful fragrance from the Emporio Armani perfume line.

Timeless brand

Emporio Armani's timepieces attract many fans from around the world. Created with attention to detail they guarantee perfect style and many years of use. High-quality mechanisms and top design satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers. Emporio Armani watch - classic, subtle, decorated or even sports accesory comes down to a common denominator - elegance. The same features can be attributed to perfumes, which for years have been a rapidly growing branch of the Giorgio Armani power.

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