Men's jewellery is an extraordinary accessory highlighting the character of an elegant man. A wide range of bracelets, watches, rings and necklaces from the world's best designers are available at VITKAC and will surely satisfy the most discerning customer.

‘a-lysa’ bracelet od Diesel ‘a-lysa’ bracelet od Diesel


‘A-Lysa’ bracelet

Bracelet with logo od Diesel Bracelet with logo od Diesel


Bracelet with logo

Logo necklace od Diesel Logo necklace od Diesel


Logo necklace

Necklace with charm od Off-White Necklace with charm od Off-White


Necklace with charm

Silver cuff links with stone od Lanvin Silver cuff links with stone od Lanvin


Silver cuff links with stone

Cuff links od Lanvin Cuff links od Lanvin


Cuff links

Cuff links od Lanvin Cuff links od Lanvin


Cuff links

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Exclusive men’s jewellery connects generations

By some called "the bling" is associated exclusively with women. This is a big mistake! Gentlemen also want to wear it and know very well that it highlights their style and adds character. Exclusive jewellery for men is on trends and pricy. In fact, it hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

The love of bling has been transferred by the forefathers

From the beginnings of time, people have created and wore jewelry. Much information on the subject was provided by archaeological research. It turns out that initially jewelry was made of bones, stones, shells, tusks or wood. Very often such items were attributed with magical powers. It was believed that they were able to protect against evil spirits, and were treated as amulets.

Interestingly enough, initially jewelry was the domain of men – it sowed their status, nationality, affiliation to a group and level of wealth. Over the years jewelry became associated with the great Polish rulers. Jewels, gem rings and chains were worn by the kings and powerful noblemen. In the 16th and 17th century jewelry was primarily made for men. Men had significantly more ornaments than women! In addition, the fashion was primarily for gold, and the proliferation of stencils resulted in unified patterns of jewelry all over the world.

Historians like tell the anecdote about Henry III Walezy, who surprised everyone when he showed up in Poland with pierced ears. He liked earrings so much, he wore them earrings excessively. They were richly decorated and studded with precious stones. Perhaps his approach to the issue of exclusive jewelry for men was followed by his courtiers as the men showed off beautiful jewels, used perfume, and even put makeup on!

In the 18th century gentlemen wanted to wear yet another type of jewelry- medals for various achievements. At the same time jewelry for women started to gain popularity as it made an ideal addition especially to sophisticated dresses.

The 19th century was a time when mainly sentimental jewelry was popular- it became a symbol of mourning and of patriotic sentiments. The fashionable rings, pendants and medallions were engraved with dedications.

Exclusive men’s jewelry adapts to the trends

Trends have changed almost a hundred years later, and all thanks to the development of civilization and a slightly different view on fashion. Jewelry began to be mass-produced on an industrial scale.

Jewelers follow fashion trends and perfectly fit into them. Silver jewelry for men, gold, platinum - we can find various types of the most diverse materials in the shops. The selection is so vast that we can be a bit fussy and get the right “bling.”

What to choose?

What we choose depends solely on us and on our needs. In the offer of jewelry stores we can find, among others, cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets, rings and even earrings for men and men’s designer jewelry.

One should keep in mind that an elegant jewelry for men could serve us for years and that is why men are often willing to invest a lot of money in it. They can be sure that their purchase will be the right one:  the jewelry piece is made from durable material and emphasizes their individual style.

Often, jewelry makes a great gift. It does not go out of style and you can wear it on various occasions.

Sometimes there is one problem: where to buy a proven and fashionable jewelry for men? The online store offers a wide choice of jewelry for men and guarantees excellent quality.