Vitkac Department Store 6th Birthday Party

6th Birthday of VITKAC Department Store

Friday, November 17th 2017,  7pm-2am

Concept 13 Restaurant, 5th floor of VITKAC department store


 On the occasion of the 6th Birthday of Vitkac department store, we would like to invite you to dinner  during which you will be able to taste a specially prepared tasting menu by Concept 13’s Chef, Darek Barański. The dinner will start at 7pm — please call or e-mail us in order to make a booking.

600 939 500, 



Mushroom chawanmushi with truffles and toast

Beef bouillon with dim sum and hazelnuts

Steamed cod with soy sauce, lemongrass and ginger

Glazed beef ribs and baked leek with miso

Baked apple with blackcurrant capers and honey



After dinner, at 9pm, we invite all our loyalty card-holders to a party with music by DJ BLAKE on the 5th floor of Vitkac department store.