In 2015 Kanye West entered the fashion market with the Yeezy brand. Stretched and ragged sweatshirts with huge hoods and too long sleeves, sweaters with holes, body in nude colours or ubiquitous leggings emphasizing the silhouette - these are characteristic items of the Yeezy clothing. The street style of the collection is androgenic and minimalistic; its aesthetics moves us forward into an atmosphere of futuristic generations from LA and New York streets. Kanye West, by using different shades of nude (from light beige to dark chocolate) shows how important it is in fashion to give equal rights to people of any skin colour.

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Pointed toe pumps

Yeezy shoes – more than fashion

Every new West's project is a manifestation of his subsequent artistic incarnations, because Kanye also presents himself as Pablo or Yeezy. Blouses or Yeezy trainers are not only a part of the fashion industry, but also a work of art that carries futuristic ideas of the musician. In 2015, the original Yeezy clothing collection was introduced to the market. Crop top blouses, sweaters, women's pantsuits presented on models of different ethnic origins – the show in such an entourage was a breath of novelty in the world of fashion. Today, the biggest West's style ambassadors are Kardashian sisters and Kylie Jenner, that can be often seen in Yeezy boots or leggings.

Yeezy clothing – sweaters, leggins, dress, body and many more

Each West's work is based on the avant-garde idea of uniqueness and diversity, expressed in such simple elements as a military t-shirt or an oversized sweatshirt. Yeezy, while collecting his "army" of models, was guided by the diversity and individualism of silhouettes, shapes and ethnic origins. The characteristic features of the brand is not only minimalistic form, which emphasizes the natural feminine curves, but also a whole range of shades of nude, from light beige to dark brown. It is the motif of the city's disguise that dominates the brand’s collection: blouses in camouflage colour or snow-white, braided sweater. Yeezy is a brand that is not afraid of the term "basic", because in a world full of glamour and splendour, the modesty and simplicity present a true luxury. In the online shop, you can purchase many offers from Yeezy: sweaters, sweatshirts, pants and shoes.