Baby clothes

Luxury baby clothes are very popular and are parent’s favorite way of pampering their children. When selecting individual elements, you can create wonderful styles in the mini size that will delight everyone and make your child become a little fashion icon among their peers.

Luxury baby clothes – mini fashion icons

A hundred years ago, almost nobody paid attention to what clothes to put on a baby and how the baby looks in the company of mom and dad. Today, at a time when the way you dress has become a very important aspect of life, parents are increasingly conscious about the choice of outfit their little child. Still comfort a baby is above all, but additional aspects, such as good match of individual components and the quality of the clothes, have become increasingly important for both, parent and child.

Beginnings of baby fashion

In the first half of the last century babies wore white dress, made of breathable material, regardless of the sex of the baby, and regardless of the occasion. Older children aged 5-8 years, usually wore an outfit that was modeled on school uniforms - boys would wear shorts with a shirt and a blazer and girls dresses and sweaters that served as outerwear as well. Clothing for babies in different colors and styles began to be popular only in the 1950s, when there were new materials, and women again began to fully deal with the house and its aesthetic qualities. Well affluent housewives that didn’t work and spent their time at home, devoted more attention to caring for their image and of their children. Visiting each other, the women had made efforts to ensure that their infant's clothes were neat, nice and interesting. This tendency to take care of the look of a child from an early age survived to this day and in times when even the youngest become style icons of popular social networking sites, designer baby clothes are playing an increasingly important role in the clothing industry.

Designer baby clothes

The biggest fashion houses and the most popular designers know that for parents the welfare, satisfaction and appearance of their child will always be a priority. Little girl in a beautiful dress from Gucci, or a little boy wearing the original set by Diesel are the proof that their parents not only give them the best, but also from their birth take care of the development of their style and taste. Stella McCartney is one of the pioneers of children's fashion and dedicates a lot of work and attention to this sector. While developing the market for children's clothes, the designer even opened a special boutique dedicated exclusively to children from infancy to the teenagers that put their outfit together in an already more conscious way. You will also find clothes by Stella McCartney in our online store Among designer baby girl clothes we offer dresses, skirts and sweaters while you can also find designer baby boy clothes: shirts, pants, suits and many other items.

Timeless style

In our store you will find elegant baby clothes online, ideal for special occasions and comfortable clothes for every day, made from flexible and airy material. We also encourage you check our offer of accessories for larger children as well as kids shoes and kids accessories.

Fashion can be fun at any age, so it is good to start from an early age so that later, a grown-up child impresses with good taste and unique style.

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