Men's Clothing

Luxury clothes for men are the basic of wardrobe. Refresh your wardrobe with the impressive men's clothing collections available at VITKAC. Creating the ideal outfit and matching it with brilliantly selected accessories has become almost an art form.

Men’s luxury clothes – symbol of creativity, taste and social status

Men's clothing has evolved over the years. Gentlemen understand that clothing is a way to express oneself, to show status and to present impeccable style.

Men's luxury clothing and its rich history

Men have not always attached great importance to their clothing. Initially, most of them mixed styles and basically failed to pay attention to how they looked. What mattered was that an outfit was practical and not necessarily smart. A change in this approach to fashion started first in Paris. After the French Revolution, when Napoleon formed his new court he was inspired by Greco-Roman antiquity. However, the focus was more on women's clothing than on men’s clothes. It was the English who were at the forefront in popularising men’s fashion, with London as a capital of male fashion at the turn of the 19th century. George Bryan “Beau” Brummell was hailed arbiter of male elegance in the UK, often held as the father of modern men's clothing in the form of the suit and tie. He wanted designs to be modest, but perfectly matched and tailored and postulated that in matters of fashion one should be guided by naturalness and freedom rather than blindly following trends.

Luxury clothes for men - the mark of the true gentleman

Over the years the wisdom of beauty has changed. We have seen dark outfits with patterned accessories, long and heavy coats, artificially wrinkled material, and puffed sleeves, but in the end the goal was convenience and clothes became looser. A favourite element of men’s clothing was the top hat, although some preferred bowlers or sun hats. Finally, the men’s suit, current king ofthe men’s designer clothes market, made its entry. This was a real revolution for men and completely changed the perception of styling. Previously, each piece of men’s clothing was different in colour and style, but from that moment each element has had to match, and to interact perfectly and harmoniously interact with each other. The suit became the characteristic of the true gentleman.

Branded men’s clothing – the answer to economic development

Technological advances have led to changes in our everyday lives, and we spend more time on entertainment and socialising. Fashions quickly adapted to the new reality, and so men could boast more than one outfit – for home, for visiting, and for sports. Designers simplified the styles of outfits and toned down colours, and American fashion began to gain in popularity, soon becoming competition for the designer clothes for men of the Paris and London fashion houses.

Branded men’s luxury clothing – the highest quality guaranteed

For some time now, men's fashion has not been considered to be inferior to that of women. Men are able to compete without complexes with the ladies at being stylish, even wearing downright avant garde creations, and perfectly matched accessories. Many people appreciate branded clothing, which is considered not only original, but also as a symbol of high social status. Therefore, compose your wardrobe at the online store, which offers an extraordinary collection of men's clothes.

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