Men's Flip-flops

Get ready for summer with the VITKAC’s mens flip flops. Our products with logo printings and numerous models can't wait for the beach and sand the same way as you do. Do not hesitate and read our tips – we have plenty of suggestions that you may like.

Mens flip flops - a simple cut on its way to the fashion top

They have evoked extreme emotions, cost pennies and fortune, were decorated with diamonds and with grains of sea sand. They have been sending to mass production and as individual copies have leaving masters' ateliers. Nowadays the doors of not only Hawaiian pubs, but also offices are more and more open for the mens sliders. They are walking through the world on the men's feet, that are each year more conscious of cultural codes and rules to respect when wearing this type of footwear.

Disputes around mens sandals

The subject of footwear for the summer raises controversies unknown to other types of men shoes, not to mention women ones. Men's style authorities, fashion bloggers and their followers are fiercely discussing what the man's feet on hot days can be covered with. Infamous mens leather sandals are excluded by many from the same begging. Mens sliders also fire imagination of the footwear disputes’s participants, but let’s face the truth – it is not the type of shoes that is crucial, but the way and the circumstances in which we wear them.

Mens flip flops success

Women's and mens flip flops are the most popular and best-selling shoes in the world. Their name refers directly to Japan Zori shoes worn there since the 8th century, although other civilisations were familiar with this type of footwear much earlier. The name's popularisation was also influenced by the fact that the production of mens flip-flops in Japan in the 1930s and after the Second World War has become an important branch of the recovering Japanese economy. The huge sales success of men's and women's flip flops is owed to the Brazilian brand Havaianas. Thanks to collaborations with fashion houses and jewellery companies, the brand was able to combine beach footwear with world-class fashion.

What is key in the selection of mens sliders?

When choosing mens flip flops, excellent quality of manufacture and materials are the most important things. In this type of shoes it is difficult to find technologically advanced solutions, however, it is worth taking care of the model, which in turn will ensure the comfort of our feet. The stylish look of the sliders is also important. Their brilliantly simple construction do not limit the imagination of designers. In everyday collections as well as on the catwalks, mens flip flops and mens sliders made of various materials, decorated with different elements can be found. Get acquainted with a wide range offer of mens designer flip flops on the online shop 

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