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Men's gloves – an accessory or a must-have?

Worn for several thousand years, by kings, ladies or priests, gloves remain an immensely popular fashion accessory.

To understand the transformation of gloves from an object that protects against cold to a symbol of class and haberdashery, we must go back to the beginnings of the civilization of the contemporary world.

Men's gloves - from object to symbol

They were spread by the Persians who used them - which is obvious to us today - to protect their hands against the cold. As a result of wars and territorial expansion, Persian culture also spread across the "old continent".

Greeks who were hypersensitive to hygiene had a great solution. Hat lovers from the Peloponnesian peninsula decided that gloves are best suited for feasts because they were a great element protecting against fat and hot dishes.

Over time, men's gloves in Greek fashion became a sign of social status.

Accesories for every season

Weather has a big influence on the clothes we wear. Theoutside temperature often determines the selection of our accessories. So in the winter season more and more men decide to wear winter ski gloves. Men’s accessories like these are a popular choice for those who love winter sports. Car enthusiasts will be glad of special gift – driving gloves. Men who drive will appreciate them for sure.

Of course, the choice of style of gloves depends on social status position and the occasion. There is no doubt, however, that men’s leather gloves have been dominating boutiques around the world. That’s why we can most often find the highest-quality men’s leather gloves in many well-known designers’ collections, such as Karl Lagerfeld. If we add sunglasses and a coat that matches the gloves, we'll achieve an elegant look coming straight from Cannes.

Men’s fingerless gloves and Gloves and Karl Lagerfeld – an inseparable pair?

Chanel Fashion shows are very different compared to most events of this type. In addition to using unusual places (the Chanel Airlines fashion show took place in an airport terminal), Karl Lagerfeld puts emphasis on elegance. Male and female models are often dressed in stripes, sunglasses and scarves, as well as men's fingerless gloves that strongly emphasize the high-flying style.

The designer himself in one of the interviews confided that his inseparability with gloves is related to the desire to hide his age. Regardless of motives, the use of elegant men's leather gloves in various versions gives Karl an extra air of elegance and class.

Of course, we can’t forget that in this case, gloves for men are a subtle addition. But as the saying goes, "the devil is in the details."

A quick fashion guide for men with class

To change your image into a more elegant one, you should not only think about the suit you’re planning to wear. The impression we make on the people we hang around with is often influenced by the add-ons and accessories that seemingly don’t matter. A colleague or customer always forms their opinion based on their first impression.

On the one hand, it’s best to choose clothes and accessories in subdued colors. A brown belt is the perfect choice for navy blue trousers. Colors merging with each other will speak about our peace and self-control. On the other hand, sometimes it's worth betting on the contrast. The classic combination of black and white will give us confidence.

You will find all you need for your elegant look in our online Vitkac store.

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