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Elegant leather or warm and woollen? Choose perfect ladies gloves from VITKAC’s offer.
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Women's gloves - more than just protection from the cold.

Leather, woollen, satin.... No matter what they are made of, gloves are primarily designed to protect our hands from the cold. Modern clothing brands provide clients with very wide range of possibilities, so that even the most elegant and picky ladies will find something for themselves.

How did this start?

It is said that the gloves have been worn by Pharaohs. At that time, they were simply hand protection having little in common with how contemporary gloves look like. In ancient times they were also used by boxers and wealthy Egyptians, who thus protected their hands while eating meals.

When did they come into everyday use and start to be treated as a part of clothing? It turns out that it was only from the 7th century, when the gloves in the form we recognise nowadays have begun to be worn. A few centuries later they have became a symbol for power and authorities, also of the Church.


Although now associated mainly with protection from the cold, in the past, gloves were used to express one's feelings or intentions concerning another person. Therefore it seems questionable whether there is a second accessory with so many added meanings. What meanings? It turns out that throwing a glove on the floor was a way to challenge an opponent to a duel. On the other hand, gently pulling it off and dropping onto the floor was a sign of seduction.

Womens gloves in the world of fashion

At the beginning of the 18th century, ladies were crazy about gloves, which were worn in a longer form, covering the forearms. At the same time, ladies gloves were carefully selected to match to the colours of the dress, as well as the scarf. They were mostly made of a thin leather or chamois. In this form, the gloves were worn until around the mid-twentieth century. Several hundred years earlier, bespoke tailor-made gloves were very popular, since it was extremely important for the gloves to fit perfectly to the hands of the owner.

Long gloves or perhaps the one without fingers?

Although gloves are generally intended to protect our hands from the cold, from many years in stores one can find also models without fingers. This specific model is often chosen by young people who, even outside, do not part with their smartphones. Beside that, gloves without fingers are a perfect choice for warmer winter days or autumn.

Many manufacturers also offer long gloves, perfect when the sleeves of the coat or jacket are slightly shorter than standard. This type of women's gloves, made of delicate, elegant material, is also often chosen both as a complement to wedding set by the brides, but also as an element of outfit for an elegant ball by elegant ladies.

The most popular ladies gloves

The most popular for many years, however, have been standard-size gloves covering the fingers. Among many different types cashmere gloves, leather and woollen ones are considered as the most elegant. The latter are most often chosen for sports or casual outfits, the first mentioned above usually complement the winter or autumn elegant looks. Whatever model you will pick up, the chosen gloves will certainly do their job.

It is worth to focus on quality

In order for the gloves to serve us for a long time and to perform well their role, it is worth choosing a model of a proven brand. Interested in woollen, acrylic or leather designer gloves ladies should visit our online store, where both elegant and casual models can be found.

Willing to buy other accessories, for example bags, belts or driving gloves women also can find in our offer something that will meet their expectations. Surely all ladies will find something for themselves in the jewellery department too.

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