Women's Heel sandals

What are designer heeled sandals?

It is said that shoes are the fastest way to change how you feel. This is because they act as self-expression, giving us a certain level of power and confidence. One of the best features of heels is that they come in many different shapes, colors, designs and styles.

Designer Women's heeled sandals are an undeniable attribute of femininity and a timeless piece that can be worn with any outfit, from casual to formal. Whether you're wearing an everyday outfit or something more formal, high-heeled sandals will be the perfect accessory. Heeled sandals go great not only with a skirt or dress, but also with jeans, shorts and even sweatpants!

Why do we love heels?

Stilettos have been a symbol of femininity and sexuality for centuries. A 2017 survey found that more than half of women in the United States wear high-heeled shoes. The reason why women love their stilettos is because they are comfortable. Women's heeled sandals also make them feel confident.

Types of heeled sandals

Heeled shoes are usually made of leather or synthetic materials, one recent recurring trend is patent leather shoes. Heeled sandals delight in the wealth of forms, colors and materials they can be made from. Today's top brands rely not only on classic pumps with covered toes and a standard heel. It is the variety of forms that makes this type of shoes fit into many styles and can be worn for any occasion. sandals. We have always distinguished sandals with low, medium and high heels, but with the development of fashion, we can enjoy our eyes with original proposals. We are talking about sandals with a thick, square or even wooden heel. Designers do not forget about women who want to keep a very formal style. Each new season abounds in new proposals for subtle, small heels, so popular with women of politics and high society.

Top designers don't just stop at heel variations, the color itself is just as important. The most popular choices for women are sandals: white, black, gold, beige, silver, red, colored, brown, pink, navy blue, gray, openwork and cream. Not infrequently they are also decorated with various stones, usually zircons or crystals.

Heeled sandals are one of the few accessories that make even the most casual outfit seem perfectly composed. They are often seen on celebrities and influencers. Well-known heel ambassadors include Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber, who often share their styles on social media.

How to choose the perfect pair of heels?

High heel sandals are an invaluable addition to any woman's closet. They are the perfect shoes for a night on the town or a day at work to add that little something extra. Heels will elongate your legs while providing the height you need to feel confident, sexy and able to handle any situation. However, for this to happen, you need to find the perfect pair for you, and this can be the biggest challenge. Depending on the occasion, you can choose either open-toed or built-up sandals. Sandals with covered toes are great for elegant or formal outings, so classic pumps should find their way into every woman's closet. On the other hand, open-toe sandals on a light heel will be a great solution for warm, summer days. Especially recommended are those heels tied around the ankleLace-up gladiators can be the basis of your summer style especially, they also come in an elegant version, so you can wear them to a cocktail party with an airy dress. From subtle patterns to bright colors and designs, these shoes will find their place in any closet.

To whom for fashionable heeled sandals?

Roger Viviera created the first stiletto in Paris in the late 19th century. He was inspired by a dancer's shoe he saw in a museum that had an elevated heel. Viviera realized that he could use his knowledge of shoemaking to create something similar that would help women walk with more grace and elegance. Christian Louboutin, who in 1990 decided that he would add a 5-inch heel to his shoes to make them stand out from other brands, is also not without significance. Over time, women's heeled sandals have been one of the most important products of luxury fashion houses, with designers outdoing themselves with ever newer shoe designs and materials used.

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