An occasion such as a wedding or reception requires choosing that one perfect pair of shoes! Check out our stylish proposals for wedding shoes for the bride and guests. Also, learn what to consider when making your choice. Thanks to our tips, you definitely won't end the party barefoot!

As the famous quote from Polish literature says, "one should be in shoes at a wedding", but in reality it is often difficult to keep high heels on until the end of the party - especially when the shoes are poorly chosen. When your foot hurts and burns, and an unstable heel threatens sprains or breaks, safety and comfort during the fun are compromised.

So what should wedding shoes and reception shoes be like? Is it acceptable for women to wear flat shoes for a wedding? Discover a few rules of good style and tricks that are worth following when choosing wedding shoes. These rules will prevent you from having to take them off and everything will look perfect - all the way to the afterparty.

The perfect pair – You and your wedding shoes. What should they be like?

High heels are the most common choice for a wedding – after all, every bride wants to feel special that day, and high heels emphasize the importance of the outfit and the occasion itself. If you don't wear them on a daily basis, have back problems, old injuries or bunions, be warned: 10-12 cm heels with pointed toes may not be the best shoes for a wedding and reception. In other cases, if you are one of the lucky ones who do not feel dizzy from heights, high heels will work great in almost any styling. There is a wide range of proposals in this category by Jimmy Choo. The brand's wedding shoes are known for their excellent profiling and elegant lines.

‘minerva’ leather pumps od Le Silla ‘minerva’ leather pumps od Le Silla PERMANENT COLLECTION

Le Silla

‘Minerva’ leather pumps

‘love 100’ leather stiletto pumps od Jimmy Choo ‘love 100’ leather stiletto pumps od Jimmy Choo PERMANENT COLLECTION

Jimmy Choo

‘Love 100’ leather stiletto pumps

‘paris’ stiletto pumps od Saint Laurent ‘paris’ stiletto pumps od Saint Laurent PERMANENT COLLECTION

Saint Laurent

‘Paris’ stiletto pumps

It is worth making a compromise on this matter. After all, the aim is not to squeeze your toes on wedding photos or cry in pain on the dance floor. Such a compromise will be a heel of 5-7 cm height. With higher heels, there should be a small platform in the middle of the foot (under the toes) which absorbs unevenness of the ground and protects the foot against an uneven cobblestone ankle. You will survive the whole intense day and night in properly profiled medium-heeled shoes with a small platform.

Vitkac's advice: Choose shoes that will be useful not just for this one occasion! Check out our article: "White heels: What to wear them with?".

'angelo' stiletto heel pumps od Sophia Webster 'angelo' stiletto heel pumps od Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster

'ANGELO' stiletto heel pumps

‘zumi’ stiletto pumps od Gucci ‘zumi’ stiletto pumps od Gucci


‘Zumi’ stiletto pumps

Stiletto pumps with logo od Fendi Stiletto pumps with logo od Fendi PERMANENT COLLECTION


Stiletto pumps with logo

If you know that shoes, especially when worn for the first time, rub you in strategic places, it is worth to stick them inside with special plasters that isolate the skin from the shoe and prevent "scalding" of the foot, especially in the evening when the foot swells. Regardless of the heel height, wedding shoes should be made of leather and have a leather, breathable insole. Also, pay attention to the tips and heels. There should be a few millimeters of room in the front, and the heel should not be too rigid (it should be flexible to the touch). Shoes with a rigid heel can rub in this place - be sure to stick them there. If you have bought wedding shoes in advance, walk in them in thicker socks around the house for about 2 weeks to get used to the height and slightly stretch them.

Wedding shoes – a block heel instead of a stiletto

Many brides opt for sandals or pumps on a block heel instead of stilettos. This is a more stable and elegant alternative to stilettos. Women with plus size figures should also choose wedding shoes on a block heel. A thicker heel will look much more proportional to a slightly bulkier silhouette than a thin stiletto.

'lauren' pumps od Chloé 'lauren' pumps od Chloé


'LAUREN' pumps

Cut-out pumps od Chloé Cut-out pumps od Chloé


Cut-out pumps

‘almond’ pumps od Bottega Veneta ‘almond’ pumps od Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

‘Almond’ pumps

Sandals for a wedding dress – which model to choose?

If you are a boho-style bride, your wedding will take place in a barn, and you are planning a laid-back styling without glitter in your hair, stiff taffeta and streamers, opt for sandals for a wedding dress. Which ones exactly? With a breezy dress with romantic embroideries and fringes, espadrilles will look great. Break the scheme, and you will be very comfortable too. Espadrilles tied around the ankle and calf will also match perfectly with flared dresses in the style of the 50s.

‘misty’ heeled sandals od Jimmy Choo ‘misty’ heeled sandals od Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

‘Misty’ heeled sandals

‘les carre rond’ heeled sandals od Jacquemus ‘les carre rond’ heeled sandals od Jacquemus


‘Les Carre Rond’ heeled sandals

‘marguerita’ wedge espadrilles od Stuart Weitzman ‘marguerita’ wedge espadrilles od Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman

‘Marguerita’ wedge espadrilles

More minimalist sandals, e.g., Jimmy Choo - wedding heels on thin straps or models with deep cuts will match not only boho stylings but also modern, minimalist wedding dresses, women's suits, and jumpsuits (for very avant-garde solutions).

Flat shoes for a wedding – a mistake or not?

Can only wedding heels be elegant? Examples of many stars from the red carpet, appearing in flat shoes, prove that they can. Flat shoes for a wedding or a reception will not be a faux pas, provided that they are clean, not worn out, and elegant (and they are not Birkenstocks or rubber pool slippers).

Among them, you can include ballerinas, loafers, and even ... stylish sneakers, which are chosen by brides who have rock&roll in their soul. Flat wedding shoes also include sandals with decorative ornaments or cutouts. They will match perfectly with draped maxi dresses in the Greek style, and with body-hugging "mermaid" style dresses. This solution is also perfect for older people who have trouble walking.

What to do with a wedding dress after the wedding? Get inspired in the article "White dresses to wear every day - trend for spring and summer 2021"!

‘butterfly’ sandals od Sophia Webster ‘butterfly’ sandals od Sophia Webster PERMANENT COLLECTION

Sophia Webster

‘Butterfly’ sandals

'gini' leather flats od Jimmy Choo 'gini' leather flats od Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

'GINI' leather flats

‘goldie’ flip-flops od Stuart Weitzman ‘goldie’ flip-flops od Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman

‘Goldie’ flip-flops

Shoes for a wedding or your own wedding do not have to be uncomfortable or on high heels. Do not force yourself into stilettos if you do not feel like it, it should be YOUR day. The rules governing fashion and savoir-vivre are becoming more lenient and make life easier for guests and event organizers. Dress code for such formal events is still getting more relaxed, and perfect wedding styling has more than one name. The most important thing is to feel good in your own skin, especially if it is your most important party in life. Sometimes it is worth bending stiff rules – if only to have something to remember.

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