Diesel is an Italian brand known for its unusual designs of jeans pants and exclusive accessories for men. Created in 1978, it spread all over the world with boutiques in New York, Berlin and Paris. The brand's precursor, Renzo Rosso, focuses on high quality products. Under control of a new creative director, Nicolo Formichetti, Diesel brand still keeps hegemony in its niche. This brand, especially appreciated by men, offers unique jeans, original watches, wallets, Diesel trainers and other accessories.

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Embroidered sweatshirt od Diesel Embroidered sweatshirt od Diesel


Embroidered sweatshirt

Rain parka od Diesel Rain parka od Diesel


Rain parka

's-kby' sneakers od Diesel 's-kby' sneakers od Diesel


'S-KBY' sneakers

Briefs three-pack od Diesel Briefs three-pack od Diesel


Briefs three-pack

Appliquéd jacket od Diesel Appliquéd jacket od Diesel


Appliquéd jacket

'sa-maral' slides od Diesel 'sa-maral' slides od Diesel


'SA-MARAL' slides

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'belthy' jeans od Diesel 'belthy' jeans od Diesel


'BELTHY' jeans

Dress with a plaid pattern od Diesel Dress with a plaid pattern od Diesel


Dress with a plaid pattern

Sheer top with logo embroidery od Diesel Sheer top with logo embroidery od Diesel


Sheer top with logo embroidery

Two-piece swimsuit with logo od Diesel Two-piece swimsuit with logo od Diesel


Two-piece swimsuit with logo

'niclah' jeans with holes od Diesel 'niclah' jeans with holes od Diesel


'NICLAH' jeans with holes

'babhila' skinny jeans od Diesel 'babhila' skinny jeans od Diesel


'BABHILA' skinny jeans

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'joggjeans' sweatpants od Diesel 'joggjeans' sweatpants od Diesel


'JOGGJEANS' sweatpants

Branded shorts od Diesel Branded shorts od Diesel


Branded shorts

Camo flip-flops od Diesel Camo flip-flops od Diesel


Camo flip-flops

Double-tone sleeve t-shirt od Diesel Double-tone sleeve t-shirt od Diesel


Double-tone sleeve T-shirt

Single-vented blazer od Diesel Single-vented blazer od Diesel


Single-vented blazer

Printed lettering sweatshirt od Diesel Printed lettering sweatshirt od Diesel


Printed lettering sweatshirt

Diesel – fuel for life

Everything started from a pair of jeans. A precursor of the brand with a 30-year tradition, a world-famous fashion house - Diesel, had began to design clothes using sewing machine borrowed from his mother. When the 15-year-old Renzo Rosso, today called the genius of denim, sewed the first couple of extraordinary pants, he immediately found for himself a niche in the world of fashion.

In the spotlight

In the mid-1970s, Rosso worked for Moltex, a small company owned by Adriano Goldschmied, the godfather of jeans. Thanks to his father's financial support, he bought part of shares in this company, which soon changed its name to Diesel. Business partners have focused on projects with a greater potential, i. e. the famous Renzo Rosso jeans. After many perturbations related to the spread of the brand around the globe, Rosso decided to stay permanently in Italy and to lead Diesel clothing and Diesel jeans sale also over the Internet. However, this talented designer and clever marketer did not rest on his laurels and soon opened a network of international boutiques in Rome, Barcelona, Berlin and New York.

Diesel pants with Italian origin

Many people are wondering what made Rosso so successful. The designer, who have delegated control over the company's creative department to Nicola Formichetti's a few years ago, realised that the reception of the projects is always a matter of a particular client. Especially in such a delicate matter as fashion, it is crucial to focus on high quality materials and home-made production. That is why most of the brands’ projects are being carried out by Italian factories.

Power of detail

When we hear "Diesel", jeans usually come to our minds first. However, it should be noticed that the brand remains one of the most important accessory manufacturers. Straps, leather wallets, everyday styling accessories and the underestimated by many Diesel baseball caps are designed according to the needs of each user. The latter, baseball caps and made of soft materials trucker headgears, are having their booming. Enriched with original badges and embroideries, they look luxuriously and chic. Diesel caps should certainly be the No. 1 gadget if you want to hide from the sun, but also attract attention!

Timeless gadget

A significant period in the brand's history was the beginning of a new millennium. At the beginning of the 21st century the brand grew stronger and created many popular but smaller brands. Next to the Eyewear line, in offer of which we can find amazing sunglasses, and the collection of fragrances co-created with the L' Oreal brand, Diesel decided to join forces with Fossil company. The result of this cooperation is the Diesel Watches line, a collection of casual watches. Designed by Diesel watches not only follow the trends, but also determine what will be en vogue in the nearest future. Innovative bracelets fit in line with a military and motorcycle style and thanks to the outstanding quality of raw materials enchant with their perfect finishing.  

For the brand, watches have become an export goods - suitable for everyday outfits, but also very luxurious. The Grand Daddy collection, appreciated by men, consists of watches with a large watch face and several dials.