Loyalty program

Terms of Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. loyalty programme

§1. The idea of the company’s loyalty program:

Membership and participation in the loyalty program is free, entirely voluntary and does not require the participants of the program to any actions towards the Organiser, i.e.. Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. company with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Górczewska 53.

The aim of the program is to honour our loyal customers who appreciate the quality of our goods which is reflected in the amount of purchases made in the Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. store network throughout the country.

The below terms and conditions contain conditions for participation in the program and apply to the organiser and the participants from the moment of its announcement in the stores of the Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. company and on these websites: www.dieselshop.pl, www.vitkac.com and www.likusconceptstore.pl for an indefinite period subject to a possible suspension or termination by the organiser at any time without providing a reason.

§2. Conditions for joining the program:

1. Only human beings having full capacity to act in legal terms may participate in the loyalty program.

2. Every buyer (participant) is eligible to receive a loyalty card in the Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. store network. The discount assigned to the participant is dependent on the value of their purchases.

3. In order to receive the loyalty card, the participant must fill in the application form legibly.

4. Submission of a personal signature on the application form, confirms the consent of the Participant to the collection and processing of personal data by the organiser exclusively for the purposes of this program (in accordance with the Law of 29.08.1997. Personal Data Protection Journal of Laws of 2002 . No. 101, item. 926, as amended. d.), acceptance of the Terms and conditions of the loyalty program of Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. (available in any Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. store network throughout the country) and consent to receiving commercial offers and correspondence to the postal address or e-mail (provided that the customer provides an e-mail address).

§3. Card

Compliance with these principles entitle the participant to receive a discount and / or rewards points awarded to the Loyalty Card issued and registered by the individual and owned by the Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. company. Loyalty points collected for purchases made can be used at any time during your next shopping at the Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. store network. One reward point corresponds to a value of 1 PLN.

The loyalty card will be issued within one month from the date of submission of the application form and delivered to the Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. store designated by the participant. The participant will be informed by e-mail (given that the participant provided his e-mail address in the form) when the card is issued.
The organiser which is Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to refuse to issue the card, if the form is incomplete, illegible, containing false information or missing the signature of the applicant, without providing a reason. The card is owned by Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Górczewska 53 and is not a credit, payment or ATM card. In the case of destruction or loss it is possible to issue a duplicate only once and provided that an application form for a duplicate is submitted.

The card entitles you to benefit from a range of promotional events and other actions, which are offered exclusively to the participants of Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o.’s programme.

This card also entitles you to 10% discount in the Likus Hotels & Restaurants network which is a partner of Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. . The list of participating objects is attached to the Loyalty Card.

All participants are eligible to a 10% discount on standard services in the Likus Hotels & Restaurants group reserverd by direct booking, regardless of the size of discount provided by the Wolw-Pol Sp. z o.o. company’s store network. The discount cannot be combined with other promotions and special offers, and does not apply to Christmas and New Year and reservations made by online travel agency.

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