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Weddings and receptions are a great opportunity to celebrate love – and that includes our love of fashion! Year by year, weddings are becoming less conservative in form and more informal, focusing on joyful celebration with loved ones. There’s a growing trend for unusual locations as well – in the summer, they’re often held outdoors. A summer reception look needs to not only look stunning but also offer comfort, even on a hot day. What do we wear to not upstage the groom and still stand out from the crowd? It would seem that men’s fashion has less room for experimentation than women’s fashion. But when you take a closer look at the catwalks and red carpets in recent times, you can see that it still has a few surprises in store and – more importantly – that there’s a wide range of creative options. See our suggestions.


A well-tailored blazer is the basis of any wedding look. Fortunately, a less formal, cocktail dress code is becoming increasingly popular. The world’s top designers are trying to outdo each other’s creative ideas on how to transform this classic garment and give it some character. In the summer, it’s worth considering lighter shades – a cream blazer from Dolce & Gabbana or one in Gucci’s signature beige will look elegant and stylish. Choose natural, breathable fabrics such a linen or silk – which has been taking Saint Laurent’s collections by storm. Put your trust in the undisputable masters of design and choose a model with a longer silhouette or fitted cut from Maison Margiela. Original fastenings, interesting textures, contrasting stitches or even… cut-outs – if you go for a classic look, don’t be afraid to add a touch of extravagance to the details.

Oversize double-breasted blazer od Dries Van Noten AUTUMN/WINTER 2023

Dries Van Noten

Oversize double-breasted blazer

Checked blazer od Balenciaga PERMANENT COLLECTION


Checked blazer

Single-breasted blazer with silk back od Versace AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


Single-breasted blazer with silk back

Single-breasted blazer od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Single-breasted blazer

Blazer with peak lapels od Dolce & Gabbana PERMANENT COLLECTION

Dolce & Gabbana

Blazer with peak lapels

Pleated double-breasted blazer od Amiri AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


Pleated double-breasted blazer

Embellished blazer od Balenciaga PERMANENT COLLECTION


Embellished blazer


As the temperature rises – also on the dance floor – a shirt often becomes the biggest star of the outfit. It’s a must-have, regardless of whether the dress code is black tie or casual. Classic white or pinstriped? In a timeless shade of blue or with an original, eye-catching colour or pattern, for example from Versace? One of the most interesting solutions is an asymmetric or oversize cut, often seen in the collections of Vetements or Balenciaga. Although the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a short sleeve shirt might be an uncle who knows nothing about fashion, it’s worth changing the bad rap it’s been getting and proving that this element of men’s wardrobe can look fashionable and stylish too. As long as it fits in with the dress code suggested by the bride and groom, a look like that will work best in less formal circumstances, for example – a garden wedding.

Shirt with standing collar od Issey Miyake Homme Plisse PERMANENT COLLECTION

Issey Miyake Homme Plisse

Shirt with standing collar

Classic shirt od Dolce & Gabbana PERMANENT COLLECTION

Dolce & Gabbana

Classic shirt


Matching suit trousers are always a safe option, but they seem clichéd, given the choices modern designers offer us. Pleat-front trousers have become integral to casual, everyday men’s outfits and look just as good in an urban setting as in a wedding ensemble. Would you prefer a monogrammed Gucci pair or those in juicy colours straight from the Versace catwalk? Tailored trousers by Dolce & Gabbana impress not only with their timeless silhouette but also with their composition - a blend of cotton, linen and silk. Ushered in by Balenciaga and Vetements, the trend for relaxed-fitting items is growing in popularity both among celebrities on red carpets and wedding guests. Pleats, which can turn a classic piece of clothing into a piece of art, nowadays embellish not only designs by Issey Miyake but also Amiri. If a formal dress code is not required, dare to wear... elegant shorts! This is one of the hottest trends of the season.

Pleat-front trousers od Versace AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


Pleat-front trousers

Pleat-front trousers od Alexander McQueen AUTUMN/WINTER 2023

Alexander McQueen

Pleat-front trousers

Cotton pleat-front trousers od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Cotton pleat-front trousers

Pleat-front trousers od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Pleat-front trousers

Textured trousers od Giorgio Armani AUTUMN/WINTER 2023

Giorgio Armani

Textured trousers

Shorts with pockets od Alexander McQueen AUTUMN/WINTER 2023

Alexander McQueen

Shorts with pockets

Pleat-front trousers od Loewe AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


Pleat-front trousers


That evening, all eyes will be on that one pair, but it is also worth paying attention to your dream pair of… shoes. Now, let’s dance our way through the selection of elegant footwear tailored to the circumstances and outfit of the wedding guest. Derby shoes with brogue detailing, monk strap shoes, slip-on loafers or classic moccasins? Those who like to stand out will certainly love Burberry's proposals flaunting the iconic check motif and models from Versace featuring a distinctive pattern and an unmistakable Medusa face. Models by Gucci accentuated with a famous horsebit are a timeless choice. This season’s hit is braided leather - although primarily associated with Bottega Veneta, it also appeared in the Saint Laurent collection in a stunning silver hue. Are you getting ready for the increasingly popular weddings on the beach? Consider espadrilles or leather slides and sandals as an alternative - they have recently captured the hearts of trendsetters.

Leather loafers od FERRAGAMO AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


Leather loafers

‘gatien’ suede loafers od Giuseppe Zanotti AUTUMN/WINTER 2023

Giuseppe Zanotti

‘Gatien’ suede loafers

Leather slides od Versace AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


Leather slides

Leather loafers od Dolce & Gabbana PERMANENT COLLECTION

Dolce & Gabbana

Leather loafers

Leather shoes od Moschino AUTUMN/WINTER 2023


Leather shoes

‘imrham’ moccasins od Giuseppe Zanotti AUTUMN/WINTER 2023

Giuseppe Zanotti

‘Imrham’ moccasins

Leather moccasins od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Leather moccasins

Accessories and jewellery

From the whole to the part - it is time to complement your look with designer accessories. Men’s jewellery will help enhance your formal styling - is your everyday style rather minimalist as in Bottega Veneta proposals or glamourous as in Versace designs? One of this season’s most fashionable accessories is… a brooch! You can find them in the offer by Dolce & Gabbana and Jil Sander. Sneak a dose of humour to your outfit by choosing Paul Smith cuff links with playful shapes. A branded watch is an accessory that is always trendy. Tie or bow tie? That is the question. You will definitely find the answer on our website - from the best designers. Pick a silk pocket square with a stunning graphic print and lift the veil of secrecy by pulling a piece of it out of the blazer’s pocket. Have fun, but also remember about eye protection - choose a pair of stylish sunglasses. You can also complete your look with a practical yet chic Nick Fouquet hat!



Silk tie

Leather belt od Burberry PERMANENT COLLECTION


Leather belt

Belt from ‘gg supreme’ canvas od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Belt from ‘GG Supreme’ canvas

Sodalite cufflinks od Lanvin PERMANENT COLLECTION


Sodalite cufflinks

Cuff links od Dolce & Gabbana PERMANENT COLLECTION

Dolce & Gabbana

Cuff links

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