Marsell brand has been designing shoes since 2001 as Italian family-owned company founded by the Cima siblings. Marco, Roberto and Elisa create collections of footwear and accessories for both women and men. The Marsell shoes brand assortment includes solid shoes with a classic form. A mix of innovation and tradition in muted tones is a characteristic feature of shoes Marsell offers. An element that distinguishes the brand from others is playing with original details. Marsell shoes online tempt with the wealth of models available. The brand currently has three boutiques - in Milan, Paris and New York.

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Modern day shoes

Italians like to base their style on classic form. Their choice of shoes and accessories are simple, but unique decorations and details that break up the monotony. Original stitching and creative play with colors and details make Marsell shoes unique and stand out on the Polish streets.

Marsell: shoes and accessories by Cima

Brand designs for men and women have attracted customers for over a decade. Initially, the Marsell shoes brand operated only in Milan. Currently, the brand also has stores in the most important capitals of world fashion - Paris and New York. Accessories can also be found in brand’s boutiques. Among them, it is worth paying attention to bags and fashionable backpacks.

High quality and innovative ideas

The shoe brand is strongly associated with the Italian footwear tradition. Marsell sews shoes in Italy, using technology, craft knowledge and the highest quality skins. Well-made footwear will make your favorite dress or a pair of elegant trousers delight you again.

Marsell shoes sale for women and men

Italian footwear is a brand in itself that does not need advertising, but as soon as the Marsell shoes sale slips in, the Milanese boutiques experience a real siege of customers.

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