A wide range of colors, wealth of designs and fairytale motifs... A large selection of girls clothes can be found on our online store. Modern kids can wear clothes that their parents could only dream about.

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Girls clothes – not only pink!

Past vs Present: Belts instead of clothes

Even the youngest bubs who have just come into the world can become little princesses, super heroes or other fairy tale characters. Until a dozen or so years ago it was completely unthinkable, and several hundred years ago nobody even thought about something that today we call children's clothing.

Delving deep into history, we learn that until the 19th century, the belts in which kids were wrapped were used as clothes for the youngest children - this was called swaddling. Although in the 18th century much had changed and swaddling was no longer popular, some parents still covered their children’s bodies that way.

Importance of colour

Today no one can imagine children's clothing - especially girls clothes - made of materials with only subdued shades, such as white, black or gray. In the past, it was quite the opposite - for a long time there was a tendency to dress children in clothes with such colors.

Decorations in children's clothes

Although for a long time children were dressed in clothes of subdued colors, they were allowed to wear ornaments, such as bows. Interestingly, for a time there was a tendency to put them not only on girls, but also on boys. In addition, boys were often also dressed in dresses.

The abundance of colors: girls clothes

Almost every little girl loves to play with dolls dressed in colorful and usually richly decorated outfits. No wonder little ladies would like to wear one of those outfits themselves. Manufacturers have exceeded expectations and thanks to the offer of many stores you’ll find beautiful, ruffled baby girl dresses, characterized by a lot of decorations, such as lace, sequins or beads.

True fashion girl: chic and elegance for children

Elegant baby girl dresses are also very popular at balls organized in kindergarten or schools, as well as at birthdays and many other celebrations. Skirts for girls are also quite popular, eg tulle that has been trendy in the past years.

Trendy accessories

Baby girl dresses worn by little ladies are reminiscent of what their favourite fairy tale princesses wear, so they’ll surely also want to have their own crown. The designers have also taken care of this and now in the stores we can find special bands, thanks to which every little girl will feel like a princess.

Girls clothes: Not just dresses

Dresses or skirts are not the only type of elegant girls clothes. Every day, young ladies are happy to wear pants, tracksuits, overalls or gaiters, which are definitely more practical. Contemporary clothes for children are so rich in design that even a simple blouse with a straight cut can become a stunning element of stylization, if it has an interesting fairytale theme and decorations.

Good quality material is crucial

Although children grow out of clothes quickly, it is impossible to hide that through play and being in constant motion, they destroy them quite quickly. It is worth putting on clothes made of good quality fabrics that will not be destroyed after the first wash or after going down a slide. Many designer baby girl clothes can be found, among others in the online store, where you can also buy baby bags or shoes for children. Also keep an eye out for a baby girl clothes sale on