J.W. Anderson

The unconventional, unique design and modern-day aesthetic of JW Anderson Womenswear defines elements of femininity and masculinity. Harmonious combination of these two elements is a major factor that lie behind the great success of the brand. This inspiring female clothing collection enjoys unbelievable interest in the world of fashion, media, modeling and show business. With exceptional brilliance the JW Anderson skirt and other pieces of clothing manage to convey an impression of disorder in his collection. The well-developed style of JW Anderson Womenswear and bags with a logo and characteristic hoop are an absolute must-have after seeing them on the runway.


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J.W. Anderson

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JW Anderson showrooms filled to the brim

The first serious show of JW Anderson's men’s collection took place during the London Fashion Week in 2008. Androgynous outfits presented on the British catwalks received flattering reviews from both fashion magazines and the audience. Since then, JW Anderson shows are always full of guests. Over the time he has begun to create feminine accessories, which naturally caused the premier of the woman's ready-to-wear collection in 2010, including the creation of the famous JW Anderson bag.

JW Anderson logo bag with piercing

The designer's style can be described as modern eclecticism, that neatly transfers historically inspired elements of the wardrobe into the modern fashion of the 21st century. The designer skilfully juggled with styles, smuggling to classical elegance a bit of extravagance, which is very characteristic for him. Piercing bag is the best example of this. Although its shape refers to the classic style of Princess Kate, nonchalantly attached earring seems to scream: Punk is not dead!

JW Anderson clothing and bags on Vitkac.com

The famous bag of JW Anderson, however, is not the only thing worth of attention in women designer's collection. On the Vitkac.com you can also buy shirt and dress inspired by Victorian England or oversized low-waisted pants, that perfectly match to, for example, JW Anderson sweater. The men's collection includes androgenic shirts, knitwear and pants with original prints. Designer does not dazzle with sexuality - his projects remain sensual in an non-obvious, at least at first glance, way. Among Anderson's fans one can mention such stars as Rihanna, Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof. Discover JW Anderson sale products as well as items from a new collection in regular prices in our online shop.