Gianni Versace, an icon of Italian professional tailoring, founded his atelier in 1978. After his death, his sister, Donatella, had become an art director. Talent and sensitivity handed down from generation to generation reflect her concern for materials and clothes cuts. She has always designed her clothes for self-confident, shiny in the crowd, characterful style passionates. The brand has become a synonymous of luxury and the symbol of Medusa is recognisable worldwide.

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Sequinned loafers od Versace Sequinned loafers od Versace


Sequinned loafers

Medusa head cap od Versace Medusa head cap od Versace


Medusa head cap

Jeans with cuffed hems od Versace Jeans with cuffed hems od Versace


Jeans with cuffed hems

Printed sweatshirt od Versace Printed sweatshirt od Versace


Printed sweatshirt

Wool hoodie od Versace Wool hoodie od Versace


Wool hoodie

Band collar sweatshirt od Versace Band collar sweatshirt od Versace


Band collar sweatshirt

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Elongated hood with logo od Versace Elongated hood with logo od Versace


Elongated hood with logo

V-neck sweater od Versace V-neck sweater od Versace


V-neck sweater

Lace trim bra od Versace Lace trim bra od Versace


Lace trim bra

Leather handbag od Versace Leather handbag od Versace


Leather handbag

Bomber jacket with medusa head od Versace Bomber jacket with medusa head od Versace


Bomber jacket with Medusa head

Barocco print dress od Versace Barocco print dress od Versace


Barocco print dress

Versace - uncompromising fashion designers and synonym for luxury

From the splendour and unlimited imagination of the extraordinary Gianni Versace to the advanced work on fabric as part of the more economical aesthetics of his sisters and muse, Donatella. The Versace fashion house - a colourful story of brilliant people who have built a permanent position on the luxury fashion brands market.

Versace – not for commoners

From the beginning Versace had been focusing on glare and standing out of the crowd. Existing since 1978, the brand has appeared in mainstream for good at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. Its defining characteristic unique dresses have become. Versace dresses were usually patterned and uncompromisingly sexy. Each season, these pieces of applied art are presented by the most world-renowned supermodels on the catwalks, and by the brightest stars of the show business on the red carpets. Elizabeth Hurley or Jennifer Lopez for example, have been causing a real sensation in the Versace dresses. Although under Donatella's leadership the brand's image has been clearly toned, its products still have an above-average level of wildness. In this way, for example, Versace handbags, even if their shape and the material used are quite modest, are eye-catching with their bold finishing, such as the richly decorated and distinctive Medusa logo. Even their women belts are often fitted out with an impressive Medusa logo buckle.

For women, for man, for evening and sportswear

The range of products currently offered by Versace is very wide, and the company is entering the areas that at first glance seem to be incompatible with the brand's image. Nothing more mistaken! Even Versace shoes for sports have the distinctiveness typical for this fashion house. Versace sunglasses, although maintained in classic shapes, leap of the page with vivid colours and subtle finishing. Also men, who like courageous accessories in their outfits, will surely find a lot in the brand collection for themselves. One can find here men necklaces, beautiful scarves, but also Versace jeans, underwear and men's backpacks. Women also have something to choose from. Versace women shoes include high spikes, sandals and even slip-on shoes. To find out what more the brand has to offer, visit our online store!

Continuous evolution and creation of styles

Versace does not like boredom first of all. In this company's collections both pop-art and neoclassicism inspirations were present. One year on the Versace fashion show, the patterned materials can dominate the catwalk, next the glossy, and in following year, in order to shock the audience, the simplicity and pastel colours - but of course broken with decadent accessories and eye-catching details! If something can be taken for granted in any Versace collection, it is undoubtedly the highest quality of materials and outstanding finish. Changes in the offer of this brand are inextricably linked to its turbulent history. After the premature death of Gianni Versace in 1997, his sister Donatella had took the company over and limited the extravagant design, simultaneously putting more emphasis on material and form. It is certain that no news presented by Versace cannot remain without impact on the world of fashion. Many people think that the Medusa products, such as tops or Versace shirt are actually even larger than life and difficult to wear. Well, how to wear them then? As mentioned above, Versace clothes are not for commoners that want to blend into the surroundings – these are clothes for those who want to stand out from the crowd. But for that self-confidence and a little bit of imagination are needed. No matter how decadent our clothing is, if we feel comfortable in it and are self-confident, then we can be sure about how great we look.