There is no doubt that shoulder bags for men are experiencing their best moment ever, and have entered fashion stores with a fanfare. They are worn by the biggest names in modern show business, from athletes, to actors, to respected personalities serving on the boards of major international companies.

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Men’s shoulder bags – the most fashionable accessories for men

Shoulder bags are not only for women

The word handbag was for years associated exclusively with women's fashion and the most popular women's accessory. Handbags were used to store everything from packets of tissues to cosmetics, keys, purses, and many other things on an endless list.

However, over time the biggest fashion houses began to design accessories drawing attention to an important fact - men also carry with them their most vital items, and usually keep them in their pockets - certainly not the most practical method. That is why Louis Vuitton and Mulberry began creating designer shoulder bags and launched a major campaign to change the perception of this useful accessory.

A bag with a logo or plain?

The first step was to create men’s shoulder bags using high quality materials and elegant, rather minimalist design. Louis Vuitton, as befits a pioneer, used his famous monogram to adorn men's bags in various styles. Among the LV range are large, capacious bags, perfect for the gym or for a weekend trip, and smaller models, convenient for everyday use.

Mullbery followed the French fashion house, responding with a competitive, luxury design for a leather shoulder bag without monogram or any other adornment. While the Louis Vuitton designs found many fans among athletes such as David Beckham and people from the fashion industry, Mullbery’s leather bags become favorite accessories of business men and women who appreciate their luxurious elegance.

Men’s shoulder bags – a fashion accessory

Once men's shoulder bags began to be worn by public figures, it was not long before customers flocked to stores offering branded accessories in search of the most fashionable styles. Sensing the great potential and still present gap in the market for luxury goods, designers such as Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Armani and Gucci started to present their designs for men's shoulder bags on the catwalks of the world. Now, whether you are looking for a casual denim shoulder bag or something more exclusive, the online store can offer accessories from the abovementioned and many other leading designers and fashion houses.

Gucci, like Louis Vuitton, offered mid-sized, monogrammed designs, while others presented men’s shoulder bags in solid colour, usually the most universally popular dark shades. Among designer shoulder bags can be found extremely elegant designs of high quality leather, which go perfectly with a well-tailored jacket or a men's suit, as well as sports designs, which are practical and fashionable with sports jackets. Both styles of men’s shoulder bags can be found in our online store at, in various designs.

Practicality first

Shoulder bags became a common accessory in men's fashion. They are not only practical and comfortable, but also, thanks to creations from top designers, it is easy to find the right shoulder bag for every occasion. With a men’s shoulder bag you can finally can forget about a heavy bunch of keys, a wallet or a pair of glasses in the pockets of your jackets and trousers. The shoulder bag has become a favourite accessory for menwho appreciate comfort and good looks.