Women's Bracelets

Bracelets for women. How to wear them?

 Fashionable women’s bracelets should be found in any chic woman’s jewelry box. The elegant ones, next to your wristwatch, will emphasize your competencies. The extravagant one, with an interesting shape will complete your look so that you won’t have to worry about other accessories. If you don’t know how to accessorize with women’s bracelets, see our tips.

 The right outfit for the right occasion

 Jewelry should be chosen primarily to an outfit. The most important rule for you: First the dress, hair and makeup, then jewelry. Why stick to this regimen?

 Firstly, the shape of cleavage is crucial here. Rule number two: Elegant bun, distinctive “mohawk” and romantic curls. Each of these styles needs a different entourage. Classic hairstyles will be completed with a set of a silver bracelet for women and a dress in classic shape.

Moschino is the emperor of extravagance. Earrings in the shape of road signs or cigarettes, will find their enthusiasts with edgy outfits, for example: rock style ramonesque and jeans. You will find the proposals of the fashion house in our online store Vitkac.

The last important element to think about before choosing jewelry is ... makeup. Wearing a full make-up, with a smoky eyes, artificial lashes and brown lipstick it is not difficult to achieve a fashion disaster. The more shinny your jewelry is, the more modest your make-up should be. Moderation is always in fashion.

 A mix of textures

 Jewelry can be made from virtually any material. Wood, metal, plastic, stones and crystals are just a few of the proposals. Our heart was stolen in particular by those made of the leather. As usual, Moschino reigns among accessories.  The red, leather bracelet for women with snap fastening is a must-have for any chic yet wild, modern woman. Maxi accessories are also offered by the fashion house Marni. The designers of the brand are known for their non-obvious matches of large geometric patterns with different styles and structures.

The stylist, Joanna Horodyńska, draws attention to the fact that Polish women are reluctant to buy clothes by Marni as its style is so complex that it can be difficult to combine the clothes with other fabrics. Despite the problems with pairing the extravagance with an everyday look, it’s worth getting at least one fashionable detail. Metal designer bracelet for women made of decorative resin, is a good way to revive a classic outfit.

 Mix of bracelets for women

 The choice of material is not the only way of attracting attention with jewelry. Bring together several styles to create your unique mix. Take a huge gulp of extravagance and match a theoretically mismatched elements into a coherent whole. Every style, worn with confidence and courage is able to defend itself. Remember about this when choosing accessories.  

Take one of the trendy bracelets for women by Isabel Marant. Search for these delicate and romantic, but with elements of boho style to which she has accustomed us. Metal - glass bracelet by Marni’s masters of the form is just a sample proposal. In this case, there are no bad calls. Moderation will be the only good advisor. Inspiration can be found at Vitkac.

 Pay attention to details

 Bracelets for women and bracelets for girls are supposed to... attract attention. Each lustful gaze will run precisely in the direction of your hands. So be sure not to neglect the visit at your manicurist. Bet on universal colors - stylish red, toned beiges, blacks and grays. For the ever-busy women we suggest this hybrid nail polish. It is durable and elegant.

Minimalist will certainly appreciate the Japanese manicure. Itnourishes the nails and regenerates the plate due to the bee pollen and silica from the Japanese sea. Such a manicure will prepare your hands will for fashionable bracelets.