Versace Jeans

Versace Jeans is Versace's line of clothes designed for young women and men who prefer a loose, modern and casual style. Versace Jeans trainers, top and dress are perfect for "after working hours". Preserving the craftsmanship of top-class Italian tailoring, Versace Jeans is not afraid of casual forms that meet the expectations of the young generation - colourful print, nonchalant wiping and a little extravagance. This Milan fashion house is lead by charismatic Donatella Versace.

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History of Versace Jeans

The Versace Jeans brand was created by Gianni Versace as an alternative to a more elegant and sophisticated ready-to-wear collection. The younger sister of the main line, Versace Jeans, was supposed to fill the gap and offer young audiences comfortable and fashionable clothes perfect for thefree time. After the tragic death of the fashion house founder, Gianni, and many turbulences, it was Donatella Versace, who has become the creative director of the fashion empire. Her dark, feminine and gothic style can be noticed in every collection of the brand.

Versace Jeans for her – dress for an avant-garde woman

What does the Versace Jeans’ woman look like? A dress underlining the feminine shapes, heavy, extravagant shoes and an oversized jacket, providing outfit with a pinch of slack – an independent woman who enjoys life, has a remarkable taste and adores typically Italian, rich aesthetics.

Versace Jeans for him – the rebel’s jacket

The Versace’s man – Good Will Hunting – transforms after working hours into a nonchalant elegant in a leather jacket, Versace Jeans t-shirt and wiped jeans. Versace Jeans focuses on youth, modernity and casual style. Donatella's designs are usually monochromatic or present a combination of base colours (white and black) with eye-catching shades of red, yellow, blue or green.

Top of the top - brand’s bestsellers

One of the best-selling brand's items are Versace Jeans bags and tops, both men's and women's, signed with the characteristic mythical Medusa print, referring to the brand logotype. High quality Versace Jeans shoes and biker jackets made of leather are also very popular in men's collections. The Versace Jeans line includes also expressive accessories to add a bit of energy to one's outfit.