Kenzo has conquered the world of fashion and for nearly 50 years has been going really great there. All thanks to Kenzo Takada, who, inspired by streetwear, has founded a fashion house, where incisive colours and original patterns rule. The world was instantly enchanted by his brave and fresh collections, which were a multi-coloured celebration of many various cultures. Today, folklore in an ethnic climate is the one that dominates; the luxury is mixed with comfort and originality, and the expression gives this combination a unique, desired by connoisseurs personality.

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New items in the category: MEN
Branded trousers od Kenzo Branded trousers od Kenzo


Branded trousers

Patterned shorts od Kenzo Patterned shorts od Kenzo PERMANENT COLLECTION


Patterned shorts

Skinny trousers od Kenzo Skinny trousers od Kenzo


Skinny trousers

Jeans with rolled up legs od Kenzo Jeans with rolled up legs od Kenzo


Jeans with rolled up legs

Jacket with logo at sleeves od Kenzo Jacket with logo at sleeves od Kenzo


Jacket with logo at sleeves

Logo-embroidered sweatshirt od Kenzo Logo-embroidered sweatshirt od Kenzo AUTUMN/WINTER 2019


Logo-embroidered sweatshirt

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Tiger head sweatshirt od Kenzo Tiger head sweatshirt od Kenzo AUTUMN/WINTER 2019


Tiger head sweatshirt

Hooded sweatshirt od Kenzo Hooded sweatshirt od Kenzo AUTUMN/WINTER 2019


Hooded sweatshirt

Striped dress od Kenzo Striped dress od Kenzo AUTUMN/WINTER 2019


Striped dress

Embroidered scarf od Kenzo Embroidered scarf od Kenzo AUTUMN/WINTER 2019


Embroidered scarf

Round neck t-shirt od Kenzo Round neck t-shirt od Kenzo AUTUMN/WINTER 2019


Round neck T-shirt

'pike' padded boots od Kenzo 'pike' padded boots od Kenzo PERMANENT COLLECTION


'PIKE' padded boots

Kenzo – top luxury brand

When, in 1970, Japanese Kenzo Takada has been founding a fashion house in Paris, initially operating under the name "Jungle Jap", he knew from the very beginning that it would be successful. Someone who designs such spectacular collections must be aware that they will kneel the world.

Kenzo jumper, sweatshirt and others: bold coloured luxury

Paris, associated with subdued, quiet elegance, has changed for good since 1970. The collections of this Parisian fashion house have quickly made many people lose their minds. Bold colours and original patterns have been attracting attention from the very beginning, since they were a big leap from the established paths. The first projects have been clearly inspired by so-called "street fashion". Kenzo jumpers, blouses, colourful t-shirts or original shawls and scarves have entered the great world of fashion. Kenzo collections give a unique breath of freshness. They are intertwined with ethnic and folklore motives of many cultures, impressing with their flamboyance and originality. Wearing Kenzo sweatshirt, top, dress one cannot stay unnoticed. Kenzo's male and female collections are addressed to unconventional figures, who put luxury and comfort first.

Kenzo jewellery and accessories

Kenzo impresses not only with interesting clothing projects. The fashion house regularly releases unique collections of shoes, accessories and handbags, which, like clothes, are very special. A characteristic feature of Kenzo tops, bags, shoes as well as the other items is paying attention to each detail. Kenzo perfume, jewellery and bags are something that only a woman, aware of her beauty and value, courageous and familiar with trends can afford. Let us not fool ourselves: Kenzo is not a brand for everyone. It is a brand for the chosen, the special ones. Both women and men wristwatches tempt with their unconventionality. Stylish fashion accessories are something that makes the brand outstanding. Also shoes released by the Kenzo, that not only amaze with their rich range of patterns and colours, but above all with the comfort of wearing, deserve for a pinch of attention.

Kenzo is not just a brand – it’s a lifestyle

Kenzo is not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle. Come into the crazy world of Kenzo and let the magic of colours get you carried away! Express who you really are! Don’t let the boredom conquer you! Don't place yourself into a rigid frame - believe that luxury can also have amazing colours. The energy that Kenzo clothes carry can be felt on every step. Creative and expressive solutions are something the fashion world needs. Kenzo products are characterised by sophisticated materials of the best quality and original prints. The flagship, extremely popular pattern since 2012 has been the Kenzo tiger motif, that has made the great world of fashion crazy. Kenzo jumper with the image of the tiger's head is almost a cult product, desired by many, and each patterned Kenzo top is a piece of contemporary art that will surely charm everyone. You can have them! Visit the largest online shop with products of the most luxurious clothing brands and find out what will make you feel exceptional. Let yourself be engrossed in the extraordinary vision of outstanding designers and together with Kenzo show that you have your own unique style.