Dsquared Men – clothing always in style. It is difficult to determine the exact origin of the Dsquared2 brand, founded by two twin brothers who were born in Canada, lived in London and mastered their craft in Italy. Perhaps it was this mix that turned out to be the recipe for indisputable success. Undoubtedly, it is the men's Dsquared2 clothing that is the brand's flagship product able to create a metrosexual style combined with Italian chic, rock atmosphere and glamorous inspirations. Sounds impossible? But this two succeeded!

Dsquared men’s jeans - classics in rock edition

Although, similarly to the Diesel brand, Dsquared men’s clothes are mostly based on classic styles. Every product is finished in such a way that it fits into the unique style of the Caten brothers. Men's trousers are seemingly classic jeans, but strong wiping or special denim effects make these projects get unique character. Dsquared men’s jeans represent the latest trends and immortal spirit of rock stars in one.

Dsquared men’s shoes on every occasion

Men's Dsquared2 footwear proves that the duet is ready to design absolutely everything. In our shop we offer the most elegant classic Dsquared2 men's shoes, as well as colourful sneakers, sports shoes, ski boots, flaps and trainers. Each of them was designed for different occasions, because Dsquared2 is thinking about every man. Men's shoes can be worn all day, regardless the circumstances.

Dsquared men’s cap  - accessory of strong character

What distinguishes the Dsquared2 brand are the accessories. We will see in both men’s and women’s collections earrings, as well as Dsquared2 men’s t-shirt or colourful baseball caps.The latter are certainly one of the most popular designers' accessories, since Dsquared men’s caps appear in almost every collection and outstand with unique decorations, patches and colours.

Dsquared2 - men’s clothing always in style

Every design of the brand, whether we're talking about trousers, Dsquared men’s t-shirt, accessories or men's shoes is of a unique character with a special fashion and style that perfectly determine the whole brand image. Fashion, playing with colours, rock inspirations, all taken with a pinch of salt – that's the recipe for success according to Dsquared2! 

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