Kenzo Men's Collection

Kenzo Men's

When in 1983 the brand introduced a line of clothes and accessories for men, the world of fashion immediately fell in love with remarkable lines done by a Japanese designer. The brand, founded by Kenzo Takada, offers a brave man a line of luxury clothes, shoes, accessories and perfumes. Oriental motifs that dominate the collection and designs that are celebrating freedom and independence brought the brand international fame. Today, Kenzo still inspires with foreign culture references, colours as well as unique ornamentation and silhouettes. This outlook on fashion is shared with a freshly appointed creative director, Nigo. His understanding of many different cultures is the essence of his own philosophy of creativity.

Kenzo men’s and women’s tiger in the world of great fashion

Being on the market for almost half a century, despite dozens of unforgettable collections Kenzo Takada still does not disappoint with his work. Kenzo, inspired by women and men fashion, continues to come back with new projects and ideas.  

Kenzo men's cologne - typhoon of Japanese energy

European high fashion often admires classic forms and cuts. So when someone escapes out of the traditional structures, he or she starts to be very interesting. It is exactly why the Japanese was able to turn upside down the established aesthetics of the fashion world. And gain extraordinary popularity... Not everyone knows that the iconic men t-shirt in 2012 was sold out in just three hours! The designer offers his clients designs combining the aesthetics of Japan with elegance and - not infrequently - European informality.

From Orient to the city jungle

Kenzo Takada (this how the designer's full name sounds) came to Paris in the1960s. The fashion enthusiast decided to found own brand in 1970 and name it "Jungle Jap". The name of the boutique was not accidental, since the atelier's space was stylized to remind a consistent, enchanting vibrant jungle.

Kenzo footwear - bit of Orient in the city jungle

Footwear and accessories collection dedicated to men were presented in 1983. While creating, the designer was not afraid to use motifs and colours characteristic for the Land of Cherry Blossom. This trend continues to this day, as the Kenzo sneakers and Kenzo man bag have a characteristic flash. It is hard to distinguish the most common type of footwear among Kenzo men's shoes since in the fashion house’s offer one can find both comfortable brogues, sandals and already mentioned Kenzo sneakers.

Kenzo - men's accessories for long-distance journeys

Kenzo Men bag and shoes for men are not the only items from the Japanese designer that are worth to have. Kenzo men's perfumes combine aromatic notes with a delicate freshness needed for short moments of relaxation. The man, wrapped in this exquisite fragrance will attract women with a unique and strong scent, giving a lot of self-confidence. Check out Kenzo men’s sale and find items perfect for you!

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