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Maison Margiela Men's

Nearly three decades on the catwalks and the Parisian fashion house still surprises! Maison Margiela men's shoes - futuristic sneakers, amazing Tabi and heeled Chelsea boots are flagship products, a peculiar testimony of the brand's creativity. The founder of the Maison Margiela fashion house is the Belgian designer Martin Margiela, who has avoided the fame for years. The brand creatively deconstructs and rediscovers the man's silhouette. The designs of unisex Maison Margiel are characterized by oversized forms and extraordinary accessories. Since 2014, the creative director of the brand is an eccentric British, John Galliano.

Maison Margiela men’s shoes made in France

Martin Margiela debuted and introduced a new quality and pinch of originality to the catwalks in the 1980s. “Maison Margiela men’s collections blur lines between women’s and men’s fashion” – this is how opinion-forming critics summarize the aesthetics of the brand. Belgian's designs can be recognized by the androgynic forms and loose shape of silhouette. The randomness of the badges, chaos of decorations, applications and patterns are only apparent.

Maison Margiela men’s trainers: classic or futuristic?

Margiela's shoes are inspired by British raw fashion from the early 20th century.

Men’s shoes Maison Margiela – grunge, ethnic and futuristic mixture for the bravest! The most courageous fans of the brand will decide to get themselves Tabi shoes – flaps inspired by Japanese socks, covered with a soft calf leather and placed on a tall but comfortable platform.

Maison Margiela men's sneakers – shoes from beyond the schemes

Maison Margiela men's sneakers, shoes that, seemingly, have already had every possible form, gain freshness thanks to the brand's creativity. However the founder himself is no longer involved in the creation process, his ideas still inspire today's creators.

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“What will you say for Maison Margiela men’s shoes?” Seems to feisty ask Galliano, by proposing footwear models with metallic accents, graphic prints and inkspots of vivid colours. In addition to the extensive silhouettes and unusual combinations of patterns and materials, the original shoes are the characteristic feature of this Parisian fashion house. Choose Maison Margiela men’s shoes from the latest collections and purchase them at!

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