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Versace Mens Jeans is one of the youngest casual lines dedicated for men. The Italian fashion house’s collection balances between prêt-à-porter clothes and haute couture fashion. Both Versace mens jackets and jeans with abrasions, shirts, T-shirts with original prints and sports shoes are an extravagant offer that will complete a casual man's wardrobe. Versace Mens Jeans is the perfect answer for those who want to stand out and at the same time are looking for Italian style at its best. This brand offers richly embroidered shirts, Versace Mens Jeans T-shirts with original prints and incrustations, trousers, refined shoes and luxury accessories.


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Versace mens clothing: classic fashion that continues to surprise

The history of the Versace mens jeans and clothing line goes back to the early 1960s. The brand officially began its activity in 1978 and offers fashion, footwear and accessories for women and men. The brand has accustomed its recipients to creative play with luxury and extravagance at its best. The Versace Jeans mens line is a perfectly balanced collection of urban and comfortable but still outstanding clothing for men.

Be italian ... Versace Jeans man bag and other accessories

If you value originality but you are overwhelmed by the richness of the couture collection, Versace Mens Jeans will appeal to you. Versace Mens Jeans offers collections in the style of prêt-à-porter. Simple cuts and decorative graphic motifs loosely refer to the achievements of the Italian brand and let you feel at ease in the urban jungle.

Explore Versace Men’s Jeans. Bags, scarves, shoes and ... much more

The Versace Mens Jeans couture line presents casual ready-to-wear clothing, combining diverse styles into an intriguing whole. Fitted pants with a straight and extended leg are sewn from denim and cotton of the highest quality. Clothes and accessories can be found in the Versace Mens Jeans sale – high quality leather Versace jeans man bags, scarves sewn from precious materials and stylish footwear, you will find all of this in the luxurious online Vitkac store.