In our online store we have a variety of designer men's jackets - those perfect for every day like bomber jacket, denim jacket and extended jacket in the style of Hood By Air or Rick Owens, as well as more elegant and blazers made from the finest leather or other materials of the highest quality.

Men’s jacket – fashion inspired by war

Over the past decades, men's jacket has changed its character and shape faster than any other item of clothing. With successive decades it effectively displaced men's coats from closets of every social group and eventually, became the most practical outer garment. Today's designers present on the catwalks whole range of different jackets and prove that it is an essential element of men's style.

Bomber jacket – men’s best friend

The popularity of men's jackets derived from the First World War, when the German pilots put it as a top layer on the airline uniforms. Their fashion was a prototype of the trendy today bomber jackets for men, also known as flight jacket, which owes its name to war nomenclature. Made of durable material, with welts on the hips and sleeves, zippered, they were practical and convenient in times of war. Over the next decade, fashion for a bomber jacket slightly evolved, but in retrospect, the current version does not differ from the prototype much. Today, designers are trying to make the ever newer versions of the classic "bomber", but always return to his military roots, drawing inspiration from the style of that period. Alexander Wang, Versace and Louis Vuitton – every year all of them present in their collections variations of the most classic jackets for men, playing with new materials, shapes and adding trendy floral prints for breaking the raw nature of the jacket.

Men’s leather jackets on a silver screen

Bomber jacket for men has also become the basis for men's leather jackets, which in the first half of the 20th century became a popular outer garment in the male closet. Leather bomber eventually changed its style, by getting rid of pullers and gaining a distinctive collar. It was a favorite jacket of German and American soldiers, an example of which is one of the most popular men's jackets, worn by Tom Cruise in the movie "Top Gun." Tom Cruise was not the only movie star who has contributed to the spread of popularity of a men’s leather jacket. Long before him, such icons as Humphrey Bogart, James Dean or Marlon Brando made every man desire a leather jacket. Over time it has become an attribute of motorcyclists and it is most often designed in that style even today. The collections of Balmain, Lanvin or even at Burberry include the distinctive black leather jackets, which took on a new name- biker jacket. There are also versions of women's leather jackets, and in recent years they have entered the canon of women's fashion.

Designer men’s jackets - from college to catwalk

In the 50s, every young man studying at an American university had a jacket with the logo of the university, which was styled as the first baseball jackets worn by athletes at the beginning of the last century. Varsity jacket, also known as college jacket, established her presence in the men's closet and is present in it to this day, returning in trends every few seasons. It was similar in case of the male version of denim jacket, which dominated the late eighties and nineties, and returned to the mainstream fashion a few seasons ago. It appeared on the catwalk of Tom Ford, Saint Laurent and Luis Vuitton and again became a favorite part of male wardrobe. In the classic version or a more punk, with patches and abrasions, it gives the character of the whole style.

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