Men's denim jacket

Men's jeans jackets have been popular for many years. No wonder - it is an exceptionally stylish garment, and at the same time practical and universal. Suitable for every figure type, a denim jacket is a must have in every man's closet. Men's denim jacket is certainly one of the pillars of streetwear fashion, but you can also style it with elegant outfits. You will find your designer denim jacket on

The most fashionable models of men's denim jackets

If you want to create a casual, nonchalant effect in your everyday outfits, men's denim jacket is the choice for you. Be sure to stock up on it in spring and wear it in summer too. And thanks to the fact that denim is a tough and rigid material, a jacket made of it is also suitable for autumn.

The most classic model of men's denim jacket is blue denim. We don't think it will ever go out of fashion. Denim jacket light or dark - the iconic blue color looks great in any edition. Light wash denim jacket for men is a proposition for fans of retro and vintage style. It can be styled both sporty and casual.

Are you a fan of dark, subdued colors? Opt for a men's black jeans jacket. With patches, holes on sleeves or back it looks original and spicy. It will let you get rock, original look. Just match it with skinny jeans, sneakers and a classic white T-shirt.

Do you like when something happens in fashion? Denim jacket with print on back is a proposition for you. It will add character to your whole outfit and at the same time it will let you express yourself. You can use it to manifest your views or express your rebellion against fashion sloppiness. Men's jeans jackets with patches will make you stand out in the crowd.

Denim jacket with fur - your ideal for autumn

It's hard to find a more iconic model of men's denim jacket than one adorned with fur. In autumn, it is definitely one of the most popular cuts you can see on the streets. What do we love denim jackets with fur for? Certainly for their timeless elegance, which makes a simple everyday outfit, complemented with a turtleneck or checked shirt, turn into a style worthy of a true fashionista. If you want to be up to date with fashion, get yourself a model with fur.

If you think that a regular jeans jacket with sheepskin will be too cold for you in autumn, get an insulated model. It is lined with warm lining, which allows you to stay warm for longer. You will be able to wear insulated jeans jacket also in early winter when the temperature does not drop below zero yet.

Denim jacket oversize or fitted?

Do you prefer jackets that fit well and accentuate your figure? A fitted jean jacket will meet your expectations. Note, however, that this cut is best suited for spring and summer when you need to throw something over a t-shirt. When looking for a jacket model, under which you can wear a sweatshirt or a thicker sweater, pay attention to oversize cut. Such oversized jackets are preferred by streetwear fans who appreciate casualness and comfort. Oversize denim jacket does not restrict movement, looks designer and is comfortable to wear.

Men's stylish denim jackets

Show off your sense of style with a men's denim jacket. Whether you choose a long model, short, wide or fitted, you can express yourself in every cut. Play with fashion and experiment: white jean jacket, beige jean jacket or maybe

grey? In Vitkac we have a wide selection of exclusive and stylish men's jeans jackets for you: Balenciaga, Balmain or Kenzo - which will you choose?


Denim - what is it? Denim jacket

Denim is a type of cotton fabric which uses a characteristic twill weave. It is durable and resistant to unfavourable conditions, that is why it was initially used for workwear. A variety of denim which is still popular is denim. Denim is most commonly used for men's and women's pants and jackets.

How to wear denim jacket?

Men's denim jackets are best worn with simple styles. Both light blue and black denim jackets go well with a white T-shirt and black jeans. Styling should be completed with classic sneakers or sneakers.

What to wear with denim jacket?

Denim jacket looks good with many fashion combinations, which is its strength. Wear with cotton pants with straight legs. Pipe jeans with holes or rips look good. Under the jacket you can wear a regular T-shirt, longsleeve or elegant white shirt.