Good men’s sunglasses will make even the simplest T-shirt outfit interesting, and add something extra to casual styling.

Sunglasses for men - stylish discretion

Sunglasses are the only accessory able to stand out from the crowd, emphasise style and inspire mystery all at the same time. They add confidence and protect privacy.

Sunglasses – from the cinema to the street

It is impossible to count the films and concerts featuring artistes with sunglasses perched on their nose. It is hard to imagine the real faces of prominent stars, athletes and celebrities who have worn them over the years. Sunglasses for men have proven to be invaluable in creating film characters and the public images of showbiz stars. Indeed, the entertainment industry has provided priceless promotion for these accessories, as the appearance of different models of sunglasses in film productions increased their sales impressively.

Each season, fashion houses and well-known brands bring out new lines in designer sunglasses. Some are unique, others inspired by the classics - Wayfarer, Aviator and Clubmaster.

Sunglasses for men – choosing size, shape and colour

When selecting the sunglasses, pay attention to the size, shape and colour of the frames with respect to the appearance and construction of the face. It is essential to maintain a balance between its dimensions and the size of the glasses. First, define the shape of the face, then select the sunglasses that best suit this.

Rounded glasses are recommended for a square, angular face, as they will help distinguish cheekbones. Their width should match the width of the face. Round faces require sunglasses that are slightly narrower and angular, and very dark frames can provide “relief”. A downwards tapering triangular face require rims that help to visually expand it, so it is worth looking for designs rounded at the bottom. Selection is easiest selection for an oval face, for which most models of sunglasses will work well, though it is worth choosing rectangular frames which will help to expand the face a little.

The choice of frame colour is worth basing on hair and eye colour. For blonde, red and warm brown, opt for gold and bronze frames, with silver or black for dark brown and black hair.

Sunglasses for men with UV protection – style and health

Apart from colour and design, it is worth remembering that the most important criterion when buying sunglasses to protect the eyes - you should choose models that guarantee protection against UVA, UVB and UVC. The choice of designer sunglasses for men is very broad, and their creators strive to make this practical accessory exceptionally stylish and expressive. The current season is characterised by surprising colour combinations and fun materials and patterns. From reliable classics to the latest trends from the catwalks, from mirrored sunglasses to polarised sunglasses, the online store offers fashionable sunglasses for men from worldwide brands. Match them to the best men’s shoulder bag for you and the most stylish men’s shoes – both of which are components that will lend success to your outfit.