Acceptable, unacceptable? Passé or perhaps considered rather chic – the right to wear signets and men’s rings has been a hot topic on men’s fashion forums and blogs for quite some time now. In any case, the intricate works of the greatest designers make a bold statement of their own: that there’s more to men’s jewelry than just wearing a watch and men’s wedding bands.

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Disputes and strong emotions around men's jewelry

Unacceptable. For some – the wearing of men’s rings and signets by unauthorized persons, for others - searching for pedigrees, to demonstrate the lack of this right. Disputes over the historical right to decorate men’s hands with signets are diversified by comments accusing the wearers of lacking in class and taste, and the signets themselves as cheap and pretentious. Male stylists and bloggers who are in favor of men’s rings and signets present a simple, yet strong argument: why not?

If the wearer’s style justifies the presence of jewelry other than men’s wedding rings and watches and if it helps create a coherent image, then a ring or a signet can appear on a man's finger. Real Men Real Style provides a guide to wearing men's rings - from their unique features, functions, ways of wearing them, through to a step-by-step guide on buying them.

There are four stages here: selecting the right type of men's rings, choosing their size, choosing the material from which they are made and the decision on the price. Right from the very beginning the article dispels any doubts - there is nothing wrong with wearing this element of male jewelry. And it calms the reader down - the search for the right ring can stretch a bit in time. This is all natural, because at the end of the day, we must be 100% sure that this item, bought for a considerable sum of money, will fully meet our expectations.

First things first - what do men want in rings?

When you start looking for the right ring, it’s worth thinking about the role that we want the ring to fulfill. Should it have a massive, raw, macho-style and perhaps give off an expensive look? Or maybe it should be less committing? Silver rings for men are quite popular these days – or perhaps a gold ring for men would be more suitable? The wearer’s individual style will help create a personalized image. It’s impossible to make your ring match all styles, but you should consider choosing the one that will be able to accompany most of your ensembles.

Second stage - dimensions of men’s rings

In this area, we consider the size of the finger on which we decide to wear the ring, so that they fit together perfectly. The second aspect regarding size is related to the dimensions of the front decorative part. It’s recommended to choose men's rings that, after being put on, 1 or 2 mm will remain free between the upper part and theknuckle.

Stage three - material from which rings are made

The list of materials from which men's rings and signets are made includes gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, palladium, titanium, stones and chrome-cobalt alloys. At this stage, it’s worth verifying what are the other elements of your jewelry and exclude any possible allergic reactions. A gold ring for men, usually coming to mind first, is offered in three tones: yellow, white and pink gold. As for silver rings for men, the most popular is 925. Silver men's signets are searched by people interested in simple, financially available jewelry. The online store offers men’s rings and signets of the greatest designers. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of men's accessories, including men's scarves and men's necklaces.