Women's jewellery is an extraordinary accessory highlighting the character of an elegant woman. A wide range of bracelets, watches, rings and necklaces from the world's best designers are available at VITKAC and will surely satisfy the most discerning customer.

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Women’s jewellery – winning the hearts of women around the world

It is said that a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Such a statement does not arise from nowhere. Indeed, many women delight not only in diamonds, but in any piece of jewellery from a variety of materials. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are now staples of the wardrobes of both the most elegant ladies and those who favour an everyday style. In a word – women and such treasures cannot exist without each other.

Women’s jewellery through the ages

Historians and researchers say that man has had the need to decorate the body since the dawn of time. Centuries ago, pendants of bone, teeth, shells, wood and stone played the role of jewellery. The oldest known piece of jewellery for women is a necklace with a nassarius snail shell, and is more than 100,000 years old.

It took a long time for metal-based jewellery, of silver, gold, bronze, copper, iron and lead, to emerge. For years, ways of processing these materials were developed, and manufactured jewellery began to be more complex in form and broader in range of application. Jewellery was, among other things, important as an element of some religious rites: amulets and talismans on the outfit of a shaman gave him standing and even showed his great experience and knowledge. The rich also wore such jewellery, believing in their magical power and because it emphasised social status.

Gold came to be the most perfect and precious metal ascribed to rulers. For ladies who chose to wear low cut dresses, pendants with crosses and ornate necklaces were luxury jewellery items of choice.

Fashion jewellery experienced a boom in the 16th century, when it became so popular and there emerged templates from around the world, thanks to which the appearance of jewellery became more standard and conventional. Earrings and necklaces were not only beautiful, emphasising style and beauty, but were also evocative. Outstanding achievements were awarded with special medals encrusted with precious stones.

The next major breakthrough in the history of designer jewellery came in the 19th century. Then, the emphasis on its material nature became less important and, rather than being a mark of status and wealth, exclusive jewellery became of sentimental value. For example, mourning jewellery, worn by the relatives of the deceased, became popular. At the same time, designers began to be inspired by Japanese, Arabic and Egyptian motifs.

With the turn of the 20th century, platinum and diamonds rose to the fore. Those who required rich decoration wore several large rings adorned with great stones on just one hand.

Women’s jewellery – where to find it

Today, many designs, decorations and forms of jewellery are available. Indeed, it is produced on such a massive scale that it is sometimes hard to find something original. Fortunately, places such as the Vitkac.com online shop offers a broad range of luxury jewellery that is a cut above.

The truth is that a well-chosen item of clothing will emphasise our elegance and style at no unnecessary effort, and what’s more this will be permanently etched on the memories of those we meet. Fashion jewellery is a fine complement to other elements of a costume – suiting dresses and sexy high heels, but also more sporty dress. Many fashion experts recommend that it is worth investing in quality, valuable earrings, necklaces, rings or cufflinks, as they are investments that will last for years.