What are women's loafers?

Loafers are a classic shoe usually worn to semi-elegant outfits. It is a classic element of your closet and should be in your closet. This type of footwear is first of all very comfortable and fits to many stylings. Don't let their simplicity fool you, loafers come in many colors, patterns, and many materials and textures are used to create them! Some people confuse them with moccasins, which are however a slightly different type of footwear. What is characteristic for loafers is a built-up front and well-known cut-outs on the sides. The sole is usually flat with a small, square heel, which gives the shoes an elegant character and makes the whole styling a bit more formal.

No less interesting is the history of loafers, because initially they were worn mainly by aristocratic men as house slippers. They went well with satin and silk pyjamas and robes. With time, the fashion has evolved and thanks to that loafers have found their way into everyday stylizations of millions of women.

When to wear loafers?

As trends evolved, loafers began to appear in more and more styles, making them a versatile shoe. The most popular black women's loafers are usually reserved for more formal outfits, especially the lacquered models that women like to wear with a women's suit or dresses. In the elegant edition, loafers often have different kinds of applications and decorations, for example metal buckles - silver and gold.

Equally popular are leather and suede loafers, which are elements of mainly casual stylizations and go well with jeans, shirts and airy dresses or skirts. If you like strong accents, choose leather loafers with animal motifs or studs, which will give a strong character to the whole styling. One of the latest trends are velour models, available in many colors, the most popular of which are burgundy and dark green.

Frequently asked questions

Does the material of the shoe matter?

Huge! It is, among others, thanks to the texture of the material that you are able to bring out the formal or more casual character of the styling. It is generally accepted that leather and patent leather loafers are reserved for elegant outfits, such as a woman's suit, dress or skirt, or even a woman's suit in a formal edition. Velour and suede loafers combined with jeans and white shirt are classic when it comes to women casual stylizations. This type of loafers go perfectly with cigarette pants and various types of sweaters and T-shirts. Few people know that fabric models can also be combined with airy dresses in boho style. All these types you will find in Vitkac store.

When to choose loafers?

This kind of footwear gains a lot of fans thanks to its simple form, comfort and possibility of application in many stylings. Women's loafers can be worn regardless of weather or season and for every occasion. You can wear elegant loafers to work, to a business meeting or to the theater. For going to the cinema, meeting with friends or for less formal occasions choose suede loafers with metal accents or leather ones. Vitkac store offers wide range of products made of grain and ecological leather. Do you like sport style? Nothing lost! Thanks to development of fashion more and more often we can find loafers on thick rubber soles, which are less formal, but definitely fit well to casual and sporty stylizations. This type of footwear is often chosen for city trips and all-day walks.

How to choose the right color and ornaments in loafers?

Everything depends on your individual preferences. If you like classic fashion, in which there is no place for eccentric colors and applications, choose black, brown, navy blue and grey loafers. In leather and suede version bet also on beige. If you like to experiment and stand out, choose vivid colors or metal applications - buckles, buckles and even studs. The latter are a perfect match for leather jackets and give you a predatory, rock character. If you are somewhere in between and you like pastel colors, velour loafers in dirty pink and beige will be a perfect choice! Match them with white or delicate, airy fabrics.

Remember that wearing women's Loafers is all about unforced style and comfort. Play with colors, accessories and materials. Combine different fabrics and forms, experiment with fashion! Thanks to this you will find your individual style, which will be your business card. Looking for inspiration? Check out the styles on Vitkac.

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