The Yeezy women’s collection by Kanye West, created in cooperation with the Adidas brand in an androgynous style brings a new quality to the fashion world. The minimalist, somewhat futuristic design aesthetics of this line is based on ragged hooded sweaters, blouses, jackets and T-shirts. The avant-garde style of street fashion that West offers is rendered with dyed materials with original textures, leather and fur inserts, camo patterns and waxed pants with a rough surface. The designer reinterprets standard images and blurs the boundaries between everyday stylizations and luxurious high fashion


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Yeezy women’s shoes: footwear for the young generation

The Yeezy women’s line made its debut in 2015 just after the success of the men's line. From the beginning, the brand was co-created by American rapper Kanye West and supported by the German Adidas group. The aim of the duo was to reflect the lifestyle of today's 20- and 30-year-olds. Expressive, bold and dynamic designs with the Yeezy Women’s label bring freedom and independence - values ​​that are important to West.

Yeezy womens trainers: futuristic vision of footwear

The trademark product of the West-Adidas duo is actually not its extensive earth-colored sweatshirts, nor loose military-style jackets that are typical of the brand.

The attention of the fashion world to West's projects has been turned towards something completely different. The famous rapper persuades his fans with the message - Put on Adidas-Yeezy women’s shoes and stand out from the crowd. Comfortable and at the same time slightly extravagant sports shoes gathered positive reviews from both critics and recipients of the brand.

Yeezy women’s trainers and clothing: feminine sporty chic

- Explore the new quality of footwear with Yeezy women’s shoes. Wear Yeezy women’s shoes and feel the difference - promises West. Designer shoes are both high boots made of soft velour with Yeezy heels and hybrid training shoes. The designer blurs the boundaries between experimental fashion and the aesthetics of urban stylizations. Discover the Yeezy women shoes line in the online store.