The spring edition of working wardrobe

Spring is just around the corner, which entails changes in our daily and work wardrobe. We are sure you may be already asking yourself what designs you should invest in to look not only chic but also stylish at the office. Well... we come to you with the answer right now! We introduce a guide to models that fit into the framework of the business dress code, as well as current trends.

Timeless blazer

A well-tailored blazer is a key element of the office dress code, which adds elegance and undeniable professionalism to any outfit. Thanks to it, we can create a variety of sets, since it works both in combination with shirt dresses, midi skirts, and classic trousers. The devil lies in choosing the right colour or favourite print.

In addition to the classic black, this season's popular colours are brown, grey, and navy blue. If you prefer monochrome models, we recommend the proposals from Bottega Veneta or Isabel Marant. If you are a pattern lover, we have something really special for you. The houndstooth and herringbone patterns prevail at The Mannei, stripes and checks dominate the Saint Laurent collection, but a very appealing alternative for work this spring may be a minimalist monogrammed Gucci blazer!

Formal straight-leg trousers

The best trousers for the office are those with straight legs. Even though black pairs are the most popular, in spring we encourage you to experiment a bit with other fashionable shades, such as banana yellow, ash grey, ivory or sepia. We are sure that they will bring a bit of freshness to your wardrobe and add character to any styling.

As far as details are concerned - this year we recommend designs from Saint Laurent, Jacquemus, Gucci or Isabel Marant. These brands have numerous interesting options, so you can easily find the one that suits you. At the beginning of the season, focus on models made of cotton, but when the long-awaited hot and sunny days arrive, linen is the go-to material.

Minimalist shirt

The white shirt is a reliable classic, but it is worth considering other options when styling it for work. Why not try out a fashionable yet subtle colour, stripes or even denim? All of these suggestions are so timeless and versatile that they will successfully fit with the rest of your ensemble.

What about the trend-setting blue? Gucci, Stella McCartney and Balmain are among the brands that have opted for its dove tones. Toteme and Loewe chose thinner and thicker stripes, while denim made an appearance in one of Gabriela Hearst’s recent collections for the Chloé fashion house and in Victoria Beckham’s portfolio.

Classic midi skirt

The midi skirt is a yet another essential of the business dress code, which provides comfort while still making you look attractive. It is important to remember that you do not have to limit yourself to one cut, because your expectations could be met by a pencil skirt, as well as by a flared, pleated or trapezoid cut.

If we were to point you to the most interesting items, this season it would definitely be designs from Saint Laurent, Alaïa, Dolce & Gabbana or Jil Sander. The collections of those brands include every conceivable cut and material, subtle shades and classic patterns: from houndstooth and stripes to a minimalist version of animal patterns.

Roomy shopper bag

If you don't have that perfect work bag in your closet yet, there is no better option than a shopper. It will not only complement your look, but most importantly... hold all your necessities. The question is which model to choose so that it stays with you for more than just one season.

The most durable material for shoppers is leather. Of course classics in black and white are a sure bet, for example Gucci’s 'Ophidia', but you can also immerse yourself in the ever-present browns and beiges from Ferragamo, Chloé or Fendi. What about spicing up your look with blush pink? Bottega Veneta covered the iconic 'Arco' with the hue and added the iconic 'Intreccio' weave.

Versatile loafers and ballet flats

Footwear for work that is perfect for spring? Loafers and minimalist ballet flats for the win! They are comfortable enough to get you through the day and classic enough to match any outfit. Check out our picks.

First things first – irreplaceable loafers. The most versatile models are waiting for you at Saint Laurent, Ferragamo and Jimmy Choo. You can choose from earth tones, white and – the most common but unbeatable – black. In addition to their horsebit classics, Gucci offers monogrammed platform versions. What about ballet flats? You should pay attention to the style. Chloé and Lanvin offer models with a rounded toe, while Toteme opts for more pointed toes.

‘construct’ oversize jacket od Aeron SPRING/SUMMER 2024


‘Construct’ Oversize Jacket

Isabel marant 'enza' oversize blazer od Isabel Marant SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant 'Enza' Oversize Blazer

Oversize jacket od Zimmermann SPRING/SUMMER 2024


Oversize jacket

Double-breasted blazer od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Double-breasted blazer

Checked blazer od Versace SPRING/SUMMER 2024


Checked blazer

Loose fit blazer od Victoria Beckham SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Victoria Beckham

Loose fit blazer

Double-breasted jacket od Tom Ford SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Tom Ford

Double-breasted jacket

Oversize blazer od Stella McCartney SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Stella McCartney

Oversize Blazer

Striped pattern trousers od Saint Laurent PERMANENT COLLECTION

Saint Laurent

Striped pattern trousers

'dene' pleat-front trousers od Aeron SPRING/SUMMER 2024


'Dene' pleat-front trousers

Pleat-front trousers od Golden Goose PERMANENT COLLECTION

Golden Goose

Pleat-front trousers

Pleat-front trousers od Fabiana Filippi SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Fabiana Filippi

Pleat-front trousers



Creased trousers

Pants with pleats 'ovalo' od Jacquemus PERMANENT COLLECTION


Pants with pleats 'Ovalo'

Creased trousers od Fendi SPRING/SUMMER 2024


Creased trousers

Pleat-front trousers od Alexander McQueen SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Alexander McQueen

Pleat-front trousers

Shirt with logo od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Shirt with logo

‘soir’ shirt od Aeron SPRING/SUMMER 2024


‘Soir’ Shirt

Cotton shirt od Lemaire PERMANENT COLLECTION


Cotton shirt

Sleeveless shirt od Helmut Lang SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Helmut Lang

Sleeveless Shirt

Cotton shirt od Loewe PERMANENT COLLECTION


Cotton shirt

Striped shirt od Marant Etoile SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Marant Etoile

Striped shirt

Polka dot pattern skirt od Saint Laurent PERMANENT COLLECTION

Saint Laurent

Polka dot pattern skirt

Linen skirt 'emma' od Posse SPRING/SUMMER 2024


Linen skirt 'Emma'

'bea' denim skirt od Ulla Johnson SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Ulla Johnson

'Bea' denim skirt

Flared skirt od Bottega Veneta SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Bottega Veneta

Flared skirt

Denim skirt od Fendi SPRING/SUMMER 2024


Denim skirt

‘prow’ skirt od Aeron SPRING/SUMMER 2024


‘Prow’ Skirt

‘miss’ skirt od HERSKIND SPRING/SUMMER 2024


‘Miss’ skirt

‘sunshine medium’ shopper bag od Fendi PERMANENT COLLECTION


‘Sunshine Medium’ Shopper Bag

‘voyou medium’ shopper bag od Givenchy PERMANENT COLLECTION


‘Voyou Medium’ Shopper Bag

‘rio xl’ shopper bag od Anine Bing SPRING/SUMMER 2024

Anine Bing

‘Rio XL’ shopper bag

Shopper bag with logo od Stella McCartney PERMANENT COLLECTION

Stella McCartney

Shopper bag with logo

‘woody large’ shopper bag od Chloé PERMANENT COLLECTION


‘Woody Large’ shopper bag

Shopper bag od Stella McCartney PERMANENT COLLECTION

Stella McCartney

Shopper bag

‘woody medium’ shopper bag od Chloé SPRING/SUMMER 2024


‘Woody Medium’ shopper bag

‘baguette’ loafers shoes od Fendi PERMANENT COLLECTION


‘Baguette’ loafers shoes

‘minorca’ ballet bag od Casadei SPRING/SUMMER 2024


‘Minorca’ ballet bag

Leather loafers od Gucci PERMANENT COLLECTION


Leather loafers

‘filo’ ballet flats od Fendi SPRING/SUMMER 2024


‘Filo’ ballet flats

‘shield’ loafers od Burberry PERMANENT COLLECTION


‘Shield’ loafers

‘melodie’ leather ballet flats od Lanvin PERMANENT COLLECTION


‘Melodie’ leather ballet flats

‘antilope’ leather loafers od Casadei PERMANENT COLLECTION


‘Antilope’ leather loafers



Leather shoes


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